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By Samanfur
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After we'd disappeared into the local pub to warm up afterwards, I witnessed our PPC take just under an hour to turn a military veteran and his wife from shrieking about her family being Labour born and bred but "NEVER CORBYN!!!!1!!!11!!" to being part of her casework and a pair of pledges.

We'd been worried about getting out of that pub alive during the discussion. It was quite impressive to watch.

Unfortunately, we can't do that at every house we come to.
By Snowflake
Watchman wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:01 pm
I don't know if its just wishful thinking, or just down to their excitement/dead cat of Andrew Windsor's exploits, but to me The Mail seems to be loosing a bit of heart around the GE
More than likely they reckon it's pretty much in the bag. However, looking at the daily figures the number of people under 35 registering to vote is still encouraging. Here is the bookies eye view of each constituency if anyone is interested. ... nstituency

One thing at least, predicted seats for the Brexit party - 0.
By Abernathy
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Boiler wrote:
Thu Nov 21, 2019 3:08 pm
They're at it again.
Seems the cunts had that website ready and waiting and pressed the button to send it live the very second that the Labour manifesto was launched. Apparently they've also paid Google to make sure it's the top item when anybody searches for "Labour manifesto 2019".

Smacks slightly of desperation. Apparently, the domain name was set up only last week. You might think that Labour might have foreseen such skulduggery and bought up all the obvious domain names well before that, but hey ho - this is Corbyn's Labour Party.
By Boiler
At the risk of sounding like a Mailite BTL commenter; why the fuck should I care that someone whom I haven't heard of has suddenly decided to vote after a period equating to my adult life?
By Kreuzberger
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On a broader tip: anyone get the feeling that Labour might be letting the tories dig themselves a hole of disinformation, discredit and disgrace?

And then, bam! Go full-vitriol in the last day or two or the campaign.
By Boiler
Nope. Kinder, gentler politics.

Besides which, it'd achieve nothing. Labour would once again be accused of "showing its true Marxist colours" by The Fourth Estate and it'd just serve to deliver an even bigger majority for Johnson. I'm not so sure Sir John Curtice has it right this time.
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