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By MisterMuncher
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Django Reinhardt, if the suit, tash, feg and fucked up right hand is owt to go by.

If you haven't before, indulge yourself. Himself and Stephane Grapelli, and Quintette du Hot Club de France. It seems highly unlikely you'll regret it.
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By Arrowhead
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Well, around this time next week we'll know our eventual fate, or at least have a very good idea of the direction of travel.

I've been wracking my brains trying to think of examples of significant late-campaign swings, be it in one direction or the other. 2017 will always be the obvious standout, but 2010 also quickly comes to mind. I know it might seem a bit odd to hold that particular election up as some sort of beacon of hope from a Labour perspective but, if my memory serves me well, Labour had a very strong final week of that campaign which was probably worth several extra % to their final tally. I certainly recall Brown giving a series of barnstorming, tubthumping speeches which seem to be well received and the general perception was that Labour did just enough to avert a total disaster, to the extent that the dreaded Tory majority was thwarted.

Can anybody think of any other examples?
By Andy McDandy
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Stress that a vote for the Brexit party is a vote for hard right Toryism. Concentrate on the lifelong learning, broadband and NHS lines. Pray that the kids get out and vote, and that it's cold in rural areas. Can't think of much else.
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By davidjay
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Great. We're going to have a government that would abolish elections, impose rule by Prime Ministerial diktat and abolish jury trial with the mass media supportive and the population happy. It's going to happen on the back of one factor that five years ago wasn't in the electorate's top ten concerns and another that wasn't in the top hundred.
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By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:43 pm
Boiler wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:31 pm
Way to go Jez - 02:17 in. ... s-05122019
You’d have thought Corbyn would have got the hang of this by now. Hasn’t had his afternoon nap. Who was that guitarist on the mural behind Jez?
I think it's an attempt at the famous snap of Robert (No connection to the PM) Johnson.

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By Snowflake
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:37 am
I've always had a very severe allergic reaction to wrestling.

The occasional smackdown can be quite entertaining.
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