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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I actually feel bereaved. Being European has been part of me for so long I can't imagine it gone.
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By youngian
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Couldn’t see a way out while Corbyn was LOTO so I’ve already grieved. If it was young people that swung Brexit I wouldn’t be so sad because they don’t remember when Poles aimed nukes at us or civil war raged on British and Irish soil for two decades. But the generations who did and voted Leave should be happy to be called thick for not joining the dots. Otherwise what they did is despicable and unforgivable.
By Boiler
Today, my sister asked if I was having my usual holiday in Cam^H^H^H Paris this year, and I said I was, but not next year. It was followed by a question about my getting a new passport - which'd be blue, of course.

I replied that by the time it's due for renewal, I'll have retired and my pension won't stretch to holidays abroad - plus I'd feel soiled carrying a blue passport. So come its expiry, it's not getting renewed.

Oh, and tomorrow I will have gammon for tea.
By Oblomov
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Fri Jan 31, 2020 11:59 pm
I actually feel bereaved. Being European has been part of me for so long I can't imagine it gone.
Quite. I've been European all my life and it's been torn away from me without my consent. I hope it's not too much of a stretch to day I feel somewhat violated
By Oblomov

The benefits are coming in already :roll:
By The Red Arrow
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Well that's me done for today. I'll leave you with this.

Tonight Farage crowed that the war was over, they'd won. It's been over for 75 years, you fuckwit. If you and your ilk think you've won, you can kiss my European arse.

Don't rely on these good people to do it all for you. When future generations ask "Why did you put up with this shit?" look them in the eye and say "I didn't."

Goodnight, groovers.

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KevS wrote:
Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:17 pm
Oh well.

What will be, will be. Can't get worked up about it any more. It's a waste of time and effort to do so. Suffice to say if things do go wrong (and I genuinely hope they don't) I know who I will be holding responsible.

Night all. X
I genuinely hope they do. I'll never forgive these cunts. Farage says "The war is over, and we have won"? Idiot, it's only just begun. You better dig in, Nigel, because we aren't going away. You utter fucking cunt!

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By Samanfur
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Copied from my Facebook feed. My own words:

I'm the granddaughter of a European immigrant.

It's only through chance geography and genetics that I have white skin. But because I have white skin and a local accent (although European service users at work have said that they can pick up my origins in my inflections - it seems I speak with a slight overlay), nobody questions my right to be here.

I've spent the last few years watching people whose British roots run deeper than mine used to whip up xenophobia, and demonised and abused because they don't fit their abusers' profile of how a British person should look, speak or act, when I do.

I've always been pro-European, but I've never felt the European part of my own identity as keenly as I have in the last few years - in large part because it feels as though it's only through good luck in the genetic lottery that a large part of the country I was born in accepts me.
By mr angry manchester
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Watching those horrific twats with their union Jack's on the ITV news was so depressing. One of the morons said that he wanted Brexit because when he was younger there were lots of factory and manufacturing jobs and the EU shut them all down.

From the whole of the leave side you do not ever get one single iota of sensible, structured argument or reason. All you get is shit and nationalism with a bit of racism thrown in for good measure. The ONLY reason for Brexit is a tax dodge for a few super rich hedge fund types as the EU want to tighten up on offshore tax havens for member States so they want to get round this by leaving.

It will benefit about 0.00001% of the population so they used their ministry of information, ie the Scum/Heil/Express to feed that great mass of illiterate morons with propaganda and encourage them to wave plastic flags, which are probably made in China.

Fuck it, the Gammon won, let them own this shit
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By Oblomov
Woke up this morning to find sovereignty had come to my passport :shock:
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