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By youngian
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A very sneering piece from the Indy but what else can you do?

Parliament Square was a knuckle-dragging carnival of irredeemable stupidity

Mahatma Gandhi really was here, as was Nelson Mandela, albeit both cast in bronze and standing as ever on the perimeter of Parliament Square.

One man – topless of course – even injured his elbow on Madiba’s outstretched hand as he rose with carefree haste to exalt the soaring oratory of The Apprentice’s Michelle Dewberry.

When a Tunisian fruit and vegetable stallholder set himself on fire in January 2011, he lit a blaze of hope that ripped through the Middle East and north Africa.

When Britain set itself on fire three and a half years ago, the very best that can be hoped for is that someone, somewhere made £250 sending the footage to You’ve Been Framed. ... 12436.html
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By Abernathy
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Thing is, being sneery is hard to avoid. These fuckwits have been complicit in a massive con-trick which has grievously harmed our country, and hasn't even got started yet.
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By Boiler
Well, they just had different masters to us. They think we slavishly follow our unelected masters in the EUSSR.

They slavishly follow their unelected masters in the newspapers because, as has frequently been demonstrated, they are incapable of independent thought. And they're patriots.
By youngian
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Abernathy wrote:
Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:24 am
Thing is, being sneery is hard to avoid. These fuckwits have been complicit in a massive con-trick which has grievously harmed our country, and hasn't even got started yet.
Anti Corbyn Labour Remainers have had to battle two tribes at war with reality. Of course Momentumites aren't as thick as Brexiters but the inability to engage in any critical thinking that dent their world view and ego is the same. The mendacity even after this election disaster from Corbynites to find scapegoats however ridiculous will be repeated by Brexiters in the next few years.

But reasons to be cheerful; Millions have found their European heart they didn't know they had in 2016 and that's partly a result of Brexiters making the EURef a culture war. Vote Leave were very weary of this in 2016 but Johnson and Gove soon jumped in the sewer. MPs that have done everything in their power to halt or minimise this madness without a functioning opposition and are now battle hardened. And now its all on them because there's never going to be an 'Us' in Brexit Britain.
By Cyclist
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oboogie wrote:
Fri Jan 31, 2020 11:25 pm
Apart from being a pile of barking right-wing shit, I'd be interested in finding out how they're going to teach the construction, seeing how the UK doesn't actually have a written construction. Will Hutton, in his book "The State We're In", summed up our construction in one sentence:

"Whatever the Crown assents to in Parliament is law".

It won't take double Civics on a Wednesday afternoon to teach that.

These headbangers are always going on about the constitution. Do they think (if that's the right word) they live in America, or something?
By Andy McDandy
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Yes, it's lifted from America. Surprised it didn't mention states rights.

But yeah, it's essentially "turn a blind eye to lynching".
By spoonman
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Having watched the scenes from London last night, I'd say that if the Charterists and Suffragettes had a crystal ball to look into the second half of the 2010's then they probably wouldn't have bothered.
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By MisterMuncher
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I was watching the "celebrations" on a TV in a pub in the lower reaches of South Armagh.

Consensus: Genuine sadness at the degree to which Britain has shot itself in the feet. And a careful eye toward border controls
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