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By Tubby Isaacs
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He's rebranding Brexit (and the reasons lots of people voted for it). It's true, there have been some promising shifts towards immigration in some polls, but does that stay around when people realize that there's still going to be a lot of immigration?

I see George has vaulted from Lexit to Kipperism there. He's quite the one for pulling different strands together- see also anti-imperialism and despotism.
By The Weeping Angel
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:44 pm
Goodwin shown up by his former co-author. The exchange BTL suggests they won't be co-authoring much in the immediate future.

No they won't Ford at least shows he's not up Johnson's arse.
By youngian
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I see George has vaulted from Lexit to Kipperism there. He's quite the one for pulling different strands together- see also anti-imperialism and despotism.

Good interview on Joe with Paul Mason talking about Lexiters like Galloway; they don’t want to do the heavy lifting in Labour heartlands on defence and security. Can Corbyn or Galloway be trusted to run the security services, army or the police to keep you safe? No but they’ll indulge voters about how Brussels bureaucrats and immigrants are bad so they think that will get them over the line.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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The Left generally can be some of the worst "populists" about. The amount of time I've wasted trying to explain the way rail works, for instance. Done far too much of that.

Jez to his immense credit didn't go there with "immigrants ruining your wages", one genuine slip aside talking about posted workers. But he doubtless knew he had a problem on Defence and hoped it would go away if he promised more big spending (paid for by somebody else).
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Dismal. ... lp-labour/
Boris Johnson just lost the next election”. That was one view in the aftermath of the revelation that Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s senior advisor, had violated the rules of the lockdown.
"That was one view". He can't even be arsed to name who said it, if anyone.
Just a week after its spluttering outrage over the Cummings affair, BBC’s News at Ten moved to covering mass protests in London while not even mentioning social distancing at all. “Ah but that is false equivalence,” said one person on Twitter.
It wasn't that Cummings broke social distancing. It's that he was very clearly lying about the circumstances, and the Cabinet were wheeled out to lie on his behalf. Though I agree that the lack of distancing at protests is a big worry, in terms of public health and in providing Johnson/Trump with a get out.

Throughout the entire Covid crisis, and the Cummings episode, the incumbent party has not once dropped below 40%, a threshold that many past Conservative leaders would have given an arm for.
Does he really not get the point here? They ought to be doing much better in a crisis.
Nor is there much evidence that the ‘Johnson coalition’ — that curious alliance between blue-collar workers and southern conservatives — has been disrupted.
Apart from the fact fewer of them are supporting him. What's the point here?
f Johnson can hold these kinds of leads after the generally poor management of the coronavirus crisis, and the scandal over Cummings, then this suggests that his appeal runs deep.
Ha ha ha, Seriously?
And so when these socially conservative English voters who don’t live in London looked at Labour’s general wokery — David Lammy’s endless virtue-signalling on Twitter, the Corbynistas praising ‘Luxury Communism’ and with Emily Thornberry’s dismissal still ringing in their ear
Given this article seems to be "the Cummings row is nothing", it's quite funny to see this stuff elevated in importance. Thornberry was in 2014,
One reason why Boris Johnson has more breathing space than his critics would have you believe is because Labour has lost not one but two Red Walls. The first fell in Scotland; the second in northern England.
Good Lord. Labour lost Scotland? Hold the back page. Who won it, the Tories? No? Could Labour do a deal with the people who have won Scotland, do you think?
Keir Starmer and Labour somehow have to find a way of staging a rather miraculous advance in England and Wales.
Indeed. No chance of a Blair like swing, but the Tories don't have to lose that much more support than they have to get punished under FPTP, with voters looking at who came second in 2019 and voting tactically to get rid of them.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Goodwin's also waded into the "lefty culture war at the New York Times" nonsense, and backed somebody who other reporters say is talking nonsense.

Reminder that the harmless "just putting it out there" article in question was by a sitting US Senator who suggested sending in troops "no quarter given".
By Tubby Isaacs
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I didn't realise till I just looked that the deadline for extending Brexit is the end of this month- I thought it was the end of next month for some reason.

What will the real people outside London make of No Deal, an extension, or some sort of "sell out" deal, one wonders? I think Labour's "we would have asked you if this is what you really wanted" position could play rather well.
By youngian
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And how can Labour build a solid and sustainable bridge between Remainia and Leave Land?
I can provide Matthew with a view of Labour’s main problem on the doorstep in Remainiac Cambridge; Corbyn’s a useless twat. Neither are they busy reading David Lammy’s Tweets so I very much doubt they are in Mansfield.

There used to be a psychologist come pundit called Oliver someone who did the rounds with his one hobby horse theory about Britain’s hyper consumerism causing high rates of depression compared to more egalitarian Denmark. He would fit this into any debate on any subject. Goodwin is much the same trying to fit social conservative England Vs London wokes theory into any set of circumstances or situation.
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