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Credit to original idea of somebody on Twitter called Beth Desmond.

Charles Irving (Con)
Nigel Jones (LD)
Glenda Jackson (Lab)
Tom Cox (Lab)
Piara Khabra (Lab)
Oona King (Lab)
George Galloway (Respect)
Rushanara Ali (Lab)
Christina Rees (Lab)
Allen Adams MP (Labour)
Irene Adams MP (Labour)
Anthony Beaumont-Dark MP (Conservative)
Lynne Jones MP (Labour)
Roger Godsiff MP (Labour)
Tahir Ali (Labour).
John Stokes (Con)
Debra Shipley (Lab)
Elaine Kellett-Bowman (Con)
Hilton Dawson (Lab)
Nick Brown (Lab)
David Atkinson (Con)
Parmjit Dhanda (Lab)
Mark Harper (Con)
Angie Bray (Con)
Margot James (Con)
Liz Kendall (Lab)
Luciana Berger (Lab/Ind)
Paula Barker (Lab)
Clement Freud (Lib)
Jim Paice (Con)
Ann Campbell (Lab)
Brian Mahwinney (Con)
Richard Ottaway (Con)
Harry Cohen (Lab)
Keith Hill (Lab)
Chuka Umunna (Lab)
Jim Dowd (Lab)
Lucy Fraser (Con)

Best MP from the list; Streatham’s Keith Hill. No one had a bad word about him even those who didn’t follow politics.
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Stephen Hastings
Nicholas Lyell
Jonathan Sleazebag Sayeed
Nadine fucking Dorries

(All Cuntservative)

So the answer to the thread title is

None of 'em
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Boiler wrote:
Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:12 pm
David Renton (Con)
John Major (Con)
Quentin Davies (Con)
Sir John Hayes (Con)

I saw a map of the last election as to what the country would look like if only under 30s voted. It was a sea of red in England apart from one blob of blue. It was South Holland represented by Hayes who was in the paper last week wanting to bring back capital punishment.
Guy Barnett (Lab - short tenure following by-election)

Evelyn Mansfield King (Con - treacherous floor-crosser)

Robert Michael James Gascoyne-Cecil, 7th Marquess of Salisbury, Baron Gascoyne-Cecil, AKA Viscount Cranborne, KG, KCVO, PC, DL (Go on, have a guess)

Ian Cameron Bruce (Con twat most notable for taking the loss of his safe constituency badly by forming a protest movement seemingly consisting of himself, his wife and dog which failed miserably to get more than one mention at the arse-end of local ITV news despite desperately hanging around any event likely to involve a reporter)

James Philip "Jim" Knight, Baron Knight of Weymouth, (Lab, notable for actually being seen on the streets of his constituency, often under a 'Golf Sale!' style placard proclaiming 'Jim Knight is here!' and entering local pubs for a pint with the locals)

Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (Caricature Con landowner whose most notable acheivements include pandering to Kippers in election literature, taking up multiple disabled spaces in a hospital car park with his Land Rover, brushed-off scandals in sunday tabloids and inheriting his land and wealth from slavery)

So, Jim Knight. Cheers, Cyclist :wink:
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Tim Renton (Con)
Peter Hordern (Con)
Francis Maude (Con)
Bob Ainsworth (Lab)
Geoffrey Robinson (Lab)
Jim Cunningham (Lab)
Jeremy Quin (Con)
Nicholas Soames (Con)
Mims Davies (Con)

Let's see if you can spot the period I briefly left Sussex to go to University in the Midlands...
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Stephen Hastings / Con
David Madel / Con
Laurence Pavitt / Lab
John Maples / Con
No GE vote
George Galloway / Hat
Ian Davidson / Lab
Proxy to Boy who fucking missed the 22:00 last orders, the twat, but it was the Isle of Widget anyway so probably an extra from an episode of Terry & June. / Con
Proxy to Girl Stewart McDonald / SNP
Frank Maguire (Independent Republican)
Bobby Sands (guess)
Owen Carron (H-block, Sinn Fein)
Ken Maginnis (UUP)
Michelle Gildernew(SF)
Martyn Smyth (UUP)
Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP)
Gerry Adams
Paul Maskey (SF)
Margaret Ritchie (SDLP)
Chris Hazzard. (SF)

Mind you, I now live in the constituency my wife was born in. When she was born, the MP was Enoch Powell!
Initially Radcliffe and Bury, as far back as I know, John Bidgood, Con, then replaced by David Ensor I think, who was Labour, at the time of the Wilson government. Then Michael Fidler, Con, when Heath was pm. Replaced by Frank White, Labour, for the late 70s, up to 83, from memory, then David Sumberg Con.

At that point I moved to the safe tory seat of Tatton, which resulted in Neil Hamilton, then a brief interlude of Martin Bell, followed by George Osborne and Esther sodding McVey
Lawrence Cunliffe (Labour)
Terry Lewis (Labour)
Hilton Dawson (Labour)
Frank Dobson (Labour)
Khalid Mahmood (Labour)
Gareth Thomas (Labour)
Jack Straw (Labour)
David Jones (Conservative)
Michael Jack (Conservative)
Jake Berry (Conservative)
Nicholas Winterton (Con, fuckwit)
Doug Hoyle (Lab)
Gerald Kaufman (Lab)
Colin Moynihan (Con)
Bridget Prentice (Lab)
Jim Dowd (Lab)
Heidi Alexander (Lab)

2015 disenfranchised.
"Boris" Johnson

Be fair, he's played Heydrich.

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