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By Samanfur
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Currently avoiding taking public transport to visit my mother in Denbighshire. There wasn't a recorded case in North Wales until yesterday, and that was in Wrexham.

Between the fact that I'm immunoconpromised, the fact that I work on the front line in a public service and the fact I rely on the Manchester-Rochdale and Blackburn-Clitheroe lines for my commute, I'm resigned to the fact that I'll probably wind up self-isolating sooner or later.

Looking at my schedule for the next few weeks. LRP is still running as normal, but stressing new hygiene measures.
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By Zuriblue
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I’m in the UK visiting my mum for my birthday. No symptoms, a bit of a cough earlier but no fever.

Getting seriously worried (my mum’s 90, suffers from cancer although she seems to be in remission)

I’ve had mails from the office telling us to prepare for the order to work from home (CH is a bit more proactive than Doris)
By cycloon
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I fully expect to be working from home this time next week. My pa is diabetic but is also healthier than he has ever been atm, so I hope he's gonna be alright. We're out in the sticks, which might help a bit.

Ironically, I am supposed to be helping a group of Chinese translation students work through a medical article about COVID19 later. I suspect most of them aren't going to turn up, and to be frank I don't blame them.
By Samanfur
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My husband has a laptop for home working. His bosses've been like a broken record for the last week and a half or so, when it comes to e-mailing to check that everybody on his team could work from home at the drop of a hat.
By Boiler
Here. Sadly I can't work from home but I commute in the car anyway. What I don't like is that I come from a county with one case and commute to one with the highest number of cases in the UK. I'm technically immunocompromised but I took some comfort from a BBC report from a T1 diabetic (is it worse for T2?) who contracted it whilst in Italy and his opinion was that he'd had worse bouts of flu. I'm not visiting any elderly relatives because TBH the workload is high at the moment: I'm working seven out of the next eight days, all being well...
By Andy McDandy
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Fine, but getting increasingly annoyed at the lack of leadership and clear advice. Can't work from home (well, I can but it's not practical). Partner can. She gets train to work each day, I drive.

No spaghetti in supermarket last night. Got a thing on in Newcastle in a few weeks. Cheapest hotel room prices I can remember.
By davidjay
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Still here having to go on to work approx. three days a week. We've got plenty of supplies in and my only concern is the bad chest I've had for a few days (I have mild asthma - it comes on like this occasionally). No breathlessness or other symptoms, though.
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By Watchman
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Here; had a tickly throat this morning up okay now.
Being retired, reasonably easy to keep out of the way; althought one of my casual jobs is exam invigilating and currently in the middle of mocks so waiting to see what happens on that front.
Mrs Watch commutes by car, but job does require team and public interaction
By Oblomov
Present. Working from home today as a trial in case our office has to shut down in the near future (being as central as can be in London, I'd be very surprised if someone didn't contract it at some point on their commute).

Had a cold this week but no further escalation. Been trying to keep to good sneezing/coughing etiquette.
By lambswool
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Have been away from here for quite a while. Something happened in my life around eighteen months ago (nothing bad) and, for a long while, I didn’t visit this site. After that, by the time I was online again, it felt impertinent to start posting again. Daft, I know.

Anyway, so far, my county has no cases of coronavirus but that’ll change soon. I feel well at the moment.

It would be great if we heard from forum members who have taken a break from here, like I did, just to know they’re ok.

Best wishes to you all.
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