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By Oblomov
Morning all.

Close to breaking point again. I'm covering for someone on annual leave and all of my work is piling up, and Oblomova's mother is coming to visit us tomorrow which I'm less than thrilled about but she lives on another continent and they haven't seen each other since Christmas so I couldn't find any good reason to deny the visit. Not sure how we'll cope with 3 in our tiny flat, especially all of next week when she's quarantining and can't leave and will be awkwardly hovering around in the living room watching TV she won't understand as I try to whittle away at all this work.

Think I might have to book a month off in a remote highlands cabin after all this.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Obz, morning everybody.

I'm sorry to hear that, Obz. Take it a day at a time, and back out of tricky situations. Read lots, tell us and we'll be onside.

Woke this morning to find that the feckin' foxes had been running riot last night.
851F4ABA-E5EC-43BA-BE07-4661203045EA.jpeg (3.83 MiB) Viewed 545 times
The flower pot had been several feet away behind a bush...

On the brighter side my solar powered mini-fountain is operational:
CFE4F5BC-D930-4BF7-911F-0FBD42D8BC22.jpeg (3.62 MiB) Viewed 545 times
But it empties the pot...

Have a good day, all. I'm off to cook a lamb tagine.
By MisterMuncher
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Feeling fucking wretched for the last week, tbh. Savage stomach/back pain all last weekend, every time I swallowed, felt like I'd been stabbed. Doc's on Tuesday, shipped to A&E 40 miles away for bloods, x-ray, urinalysis on the hurry-up. Ultimately diagnosed as inflammation of the oesophagus, given Omeprazole for a week. Theoretically, suppress the acid, give it a chance to clear up, if it doesn't, must be something serious. Fair enough.

The medicine promptly turned my insides to water. So I stopped that pretty much straight away. Have toughed it out for the last two days by eating very little and the pain appears to have gone, so I a: probably haven't got anything serious and b: I'm absolutely fucking starving.

Still, least it's not COVID
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Had a barbecue with #1 son & fam yesterday. Within our bubble. Good fun, even though the back of his house is missing due to rebuilding work!
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Next week at ours.
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