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By Oblomov
Morning all,

Another one of those days where I anxiously wait for plague symptoms to manifest themselves after I've taken a big risk. Probably ought to crack on with that antibodies test at some point today.
By Boiler
I can fully sympathise; every time I leave my house and go out into the world beyond a mental clock starts ticking. I'm going to spend a day at work on Tuesday but my God, the procedures put in place look really intimidating and I am not afraid to say I'm scared by it all. I am almost thinking that I may just retrieve my toolbox and after that I shall retire much earlier than planned.

I am not only scared, but I am seething with rage and anger.
By mr angry manchester
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Still here! Had a day off today, been working now since early January and only had 2 and a half days off in all this time, and one of those was where we were a van short so I didn't get called in.

Been to Macclesfield today to get some school stuff for sons return to school in September, and it was bloody hot.

Back to work again in the morning, got to keep hard at it eh? :D
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By Oblomov
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:42 pm
@Oblomov - signed up yesterday, got the offer of a swab test today. Did that lead to you getting the antibody test?
Can't say for certain, according to the letter I got with the antibody test they pulled my details at random from a GP contact database. But I'll go find the website for it and maybe there'll be an option to volunteer for the test and they send you one.
By Zuriblue
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In the words of the Great Old Ones, bugger. I was going to see my mum next week so, as a precaution, I went to the company docs and took a test. The doc called me this morning, it's positive. I've got no symptoms so that's a bugger.

I'm confined to barracks for the next 10 days. Luckily I've got a bit of food in the fridge. Hopefully thats all it's going to be. I just called my mum and told her, very reluctantly as I know she can worry for England. She is doing so.
By mr angry manchester
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Yes, hope you're ok.

I was informed today that I've been put on short time working effective Monday due to a reduction in sales volume. Next week I'm just in Friday and Saturday, the following week looks like three days.
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