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By Oblomov
Spent the last couple of days in Padua and it was lovely, big recommendation from me. Partly aided by us unknowingly booking the wedding suite at our accommodation so we ended up in luxurious lodgings split over two floors at the top of a 14th century stone tower, complete with original renaissance ceiling paintings and clear views of the astronomy tower where Galileo looked upon the stars from :shock:

Food wasn’t half bad either mind. And most of the powers that he could still learn many things about compassion for the vulnerable from Saint Anthony.
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By satnav
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The first day back at school proved as depressing as I thought it would be. The school is in the process of being taken over by an academy trust so wee had the joy of having to listen to five hours of mission statements and other bollocks as well as trying to digest all the measures that will be in place on Monday when all the students comeback into school.

I have spent most of the last three years working as a teaching assistant in the PE department which has been quite enjoyable because I got to spend a lot of time outdoors and could wear what I liked. From Monday because of the bubbles I will spending all week supporting the same Year 8 group. The new dress code mean that all staff are expected to where jackets and ties in the classroom which will be a real culture shock for me because I've only dressed up smart twice in the last 12 months. I tried a pair of trousers on tonight which I've clearly not worn for a couple of years because they are 6 inches too big on the waist. I think I will be hitting the charity shops at the weekend to restock my wardrobe.
By MisterMuncher
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Eat Out To Help Out is over.

Thank fuck. There's a breed of tosser brought forth from the woodwork by an offer that doesn't go out much otherwise, and by god it shows.

As per my own Tweet

(Yes, it was Sunday, and I can report they were extremely annoyed that EOTHO wasn't on, and we couldn't "jiggle it")
By mr angry manchester
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I've been sent home for a week until next Saturday as we are fully staffed until then and I've been out onto relief cover. Looking forward to be week of trash tv and junk food but the pay at end of October will be a bit down
By MisterMuncher
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Life slowly taking on a semblance of normality with the two older kids back/started school. The eldest is back in her element, she and her best mate have decided they are in fact elves, they've just forgotten their magic spells. The lad has just started, and in keeping with his father, is enjoying it all but is a little pissed off that he hasn't yet been taught how to read.

That being said, he's a little bugger for ignoring all attempts to teach him anything and then a few days or weeks later deciding that he can actually do that thing and doing it. For example, he refused all attempts to get him to write anything. Then a few weeks later, came up from his bedroom with a sheet of paper with everyone's names written on it. Today, he drew a clock. Only four numbers on it, but they're 12, 3, 9 and 6, in the right places, and *with the colours matched to the clock in the kitchen*.

I really wouldn't be surprised if he drove himself to school some day next week.
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By MisterMuncher
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He forms these weird little logical rules on his head based on his experiences sometimes that can be very hard to shift.

For example, me and him like cucumber. His mum and sister like pickles. Therefore, one is for boys, the other for girls.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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We have two terracotta heads hanging on the fence in our garden. Spike decided aged 3 that they are a king and queen.
We have two freezers, one in the kitchen, one in Mrs A's workshop. They became Pop-Pops' and Nana's freezers immediately.
They love to put things in categories. It's a huge part of their intellectual development.

You know that between about 3 and 12 their neurons actually fire twice as fast/often as adults'? They are thinking twice as fast as you.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I made a note of this conversation with Spike, aged 5:
Me: (to Spike, who is leaning out of her bedroom window) "What are you looking at?
Spike: "The sunset."
Me: "Is it a good one?"
Spike: "Sunsets are always good on Thursdays."
You live and learn...
I could probably work that out if I was clever enough. What kids say always means something, but it isn't always easy to work out what.
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