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By Boiler
I spent most of today diving into my garage to find a radio cabinet that belongs to a friend: I think it's safe to say that after twenty years I'm not going to get round to doing it. I am utterly knackered now but slightly pleased in that somehow I have created a bit more space in there whilst doing so. I also have a better idea of what's in there - I made notes - but I am also slightly foxed by some items *not* being there - for instance, I could have sworn I had more of a particular radio in there than I do, and I was sure that the restored case for a Pye "Rising Sun" set was in there too. I found another particular radio (a 1932 GEC), but was concerned I couldn't see the separate speaker for it. A few items have been earmarked for disposal (I think two *huge* export GEC radios may go along with a couple of German sets) in the future - but this was only going through the racking down the LHS. I've not looked at the RHS yet...

If nothing else, the 'highlight' was finding my rare two-waveband Wartime Civilian Receiver, as made by Bush. That'd be a nice project over the winter.
By Oblomov
Buonosera all,

Final night in Italy so stuffing my face with as much local vino bianco and seafood ravioli as I can before the long train journeys back tomorrow.

Have briefly checked my work emails and I seem to have been signed up for a few new systems so I suspect I’m being delegated extra responsibilities. Just as well my regular salary got restored this payday just gone.
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By Cyclist
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Hot forehead. Coff-coff, coff-coff, coff-coff-coff, wheeze coff.

The fact that I'm also sneezing like a good'un suggests it's actually just a cold, but I'm not taking the risk. I've gone into hiding for a few days to see how it pans out.

Time to catch up with some reading methinks.
By Oblomov
Back home, greeted with grey skies and puke on the platform :(

But the landlord has renovated our flat whilst we've been away and it's a lot more spacious and bright now, so hopefully this should be the end of my chain of braggadocious posts :D

In peculiar and pertinent news, UK border force at Gare du Nord made an enormous fuss about us needing to have the visitors COVID-19 declaration completed before we got to St. Pancras International. Upon arrival at the latter, border force waved us straight through without even bothering to check passports let alone COVID-19 track & trace declarations. Does the left hand not know what the right is doing?
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