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By Cyclist
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This has been a shite morning so far. In the absence of any decent retail outlets on camp I've been over to our stationery store to indulge in some kleptotherapy. Desk drawer now full of Shiny Things, Cyclist a bit more of a happy teddy. :D
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By Oblomov
Daley Mayle wrote:
Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:21 pm
Still here.

As my reader ought to know by now me mam has lived with us in a self-contained annexe in Mayle Mansion.

She is 92 but up to January she was pretty Independent when she had a fall during the night and couldn't get up. Nothing broken and nothing could be found to explain her sudden deterioration in cognitive abilities and mobility, I thought it was a stroke but she had CT scans that showed nothing other than vascular problems in the brain ie narrowing of the veins/arteries that reduces blood supply. Since then she has had further dips in cognitive abilities and mobility although after each episode she improved but never got back to the level she was at prior to that event. If you put it on a graph it would show down and ups but a constant decline.

Four weeks ago I found her again in the morning, collapsed across her bed. Something had happened during the night but she was totally out of it and dead weight, me and the missus couldn't shift her so it was 999 and off she went to hospital (Haverfordwest) where we could go in and see her. She seemed to regain some of her old self but not the mobility, she just couldn't stand up. She was there for a week or so but was then transferred to South Pembrokeshire hospital which is a rehabilitation unit. Unfortunately their Covid19 rules means they will not allow any visitors as the ward is full of very frail old people. We do have video chats with her provided by the hospital's patient liaison person but it's hard to engage with her because she is easily distracted by what's going on around her. Sometimes she's barely aware of us trying to talk to her, other times she is very depressed and in her own words, frightened of what's going to happen to her.

We have tried to reassure her that when she is mobile again she can come home, she is getting physiotherapy although it doesn't appear to make much difference. She has been in South Pembs now for three weeks.

If they can't make any improvement then eventually they will want to move her on. The hospital uses a hoist to get her in and out of bed and for washing/toilet functions but we don't have that facility and we can't physically manhandle her so it will mean having carers coming in a couple of times a day and she will hate that. The other option is for her to go into a care home and she will hate that even more, as would we.

Difficult times.
I empathise with a lot of that. Friend's mother (who I discussed on the COVID-19 thread) went in for preliminary cancer screenings in late March, medics weren't satisfied with something so kept delaying her release so she ended up spending a month and a half in a cancer ward with no in person family visits allowed. I can only imagine what an odd and harrowing experience that was for them.

In my own life, my mother (multiple sclerosis sufferer of 40 years) had a bad fall around 2008/9 and never recovered her mobility after that. Thankfully the council installed a hoist so we can get her out of bed and for the commode as and when she needs it so I think you absolutely could have one installed but as said above, I'd start making enquiries now because they aren't necessarily quick to respond to these things (in my experience).
By Bones McCoy
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Another massive ruck at health service level.

NHS Scotland insisting on procurement as usual.
Some "Friend of Hancock" on the phone trying to threaten Dr McCoy at present.
All recorded for future use.
By The Red Arrow
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Too much sunshine to waste today, time to treat the neighbours to some back porch blues. Did I mention that the clap for B*ris cretins across the road have moved out? Left the place in a right old state according to the workmen called in to bring it back up to housing association standards. Anyhow, my banging away got more approving nods and smiles than tuts and scowls from passers by, might push the envelope and plug an electric one in tomorrow. :mrgreen:


Stay safe, stay sane, my lovelies.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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'Arrer - are we unknown brothers?

Not a good day so far. Woke up (after a bad night) still feeling a bit shitty (the app advises me to get a test 9but there aren't any).

Email from the guy who cuts our grass in France - part of the zinc flashing over the bathroom has been damaged in the strong winds, so arranging remotely to have that fixed and the house checked. That will be fun...

Camera arrives from ebay - meter doesn't work. Now entering into doubtless protracted wrangling with seller...

Hope you are all having a better day.
By mr angry manchester
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Great picture Arrer :D

Not working today,think I'll sit in the back garden with a big glass of lemonade and a cheese butty. Still, small pleasures.

When you get to the point where, in the chocolate box of life, the top layer has gone, and some sneaky bugger has had the orange creams from the bottom row already, you have to take what you can...
By Kreuzberger
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Well, that's another cancellation going in to

The plan was to go to Prague for a couple of days next month and then take a leisurely drive through Central Bohemia towards Upper Bavaria for the M-i-L's birthday.

Add to that, my coffee is now topping out at 15€ a kilo (Catania is a high-risk area now, apparrently), and I am starting to get mightily pissed-off with this virus.
By Boiler
Sounds interesting. Yesterday, whilst placing my painting somewhere safe I found the glass tuning dial for a German radio from 1940 I'd like to restore - that will need a cabinet refinish though. Later may involve me assembling and using my brush cutter as my neighbour wants some walnuts.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Chair and camera.

The seller has been in touch - seems genuine, says it worked, may be the battery. These old cameras were designed for mercury cells, which are no longer available, and I've got a substitute, but it doesn't seem to fit well. New substitutes ordered.

Just about to order new screws and casters...
465454B8-D9EE-4426-8BD1-4F5B629D4F90.jpeg (2.83 MiB) Viewed 92 times
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62DC0881-E9FE-4218-83AE-225AD89D7BB9.jpeg (1.75 MiB) Viewed 92 times
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By Boiler
Did you strip the varnish from that, Malc? And if so, what did you use? That looks to be a good-sized turntable on the top.

Thinking of castors, I wonder if I should get the ones fitted to the custom cabinet for my mid-20s Burndept Ethodyne either renovated or look for replacements.

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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I can't remember - it's been in the loft for the last 20 years. I'm lucky I found the important bits, though the casters and screws have gone. But they are the easily replaced parts.

It may have been dipped, there are still fragments of webbing on the underside. It's very dry. Mrs A and I are discussing the merits of Danish Oil v wax. Or both, if that is possible. Does anyone know if I can wax over DO?
By Kreuzberger
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:34 pm
I can't remember - it's been in the loft for the last 20 years. I'm lucky I found the important bits, though the casters and screws have gone. But they are the easily replaced parts.

It may have been dipped, there are still fragments of webbing on the underside. It's very dry. Mrs A and I are discussing the merits of Danish Oil v wax. Or both, if that is possible. Does anyone know if I can wax over DO?
0000 until your arthritis plays up and then some more. Really good wash with spirit. A nice drink or three of olive oil. Leave for a few days at room temperature. Two lavish coats of hard wax oil. Buff again with the 0000 and apply a final, lighter coat of hard wax with a dense cotton rag, always working circularly but with the grain.

That should deliver a rich, tonal finish without it looking like is was nicked from a 'spoons.
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