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By Zuriblue
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Samanfur wrote:
Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:38 pm
Cheers all. The test was negative.
Excellent news.
By Kreuzberger
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Day Four, following the flu jab which, last year and for the first time of accepting it, laid me low like an injured rabbit, complete with pleading eyes and strained, staccato movements.

I'm as right as ninepence.

Did I mention that the guy who administered it at the GPs' needed to be asked to wear a mask?

This, in the leftiest surgery in the leftiest borough which is so right-on that even I am prepared to go there to discuss mental health issues and threaten them with doing street deals unless they furnish me with legit pharmacological crutches which will stay in the bathroom cabinet until and unless they need to be thrown out.

Fucking tube.
By MisterMuncher
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Another four weeks potential unemployment looming large today. I can imagine that the possibility* of doing takeaway or delivery means my workplace is not being "forced to close" and I'll be getting sweet fuck all from UKG to carry me over it.

*I mean, it's possible, it's just loss making and a colossal waste of everyone's time and probably won't actually happen.
By Oblomov
Popped round to my parents to give them a hand with a few small bits and evaluate their provisions for the oncoming storm, it's not a good sight. My dad is already worn into the ground and is now being depended on even more by my very disabled mother, who has long ceased being pleasant company and has ramped up her Amazon shopping addiction.

I was praying that we could at least get one last Christmas together before the virus turned it's crosshairs on us but I'm not even sure that'll be worth it, such is the den of despair their home has become.

My brother has floated the idea of them going into a care home but I don't know. I'm overwhelmed by the monumental effort it'll take to get them back to a comfortable living standard again and I just don't bloody know right now.
By MisterMuncher
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Things severely bad down round my ma and das.

Our tale begins Friday a week ago, and may involve familial relationships requiring asterisks. My cousin N runs a restaurant, and his/my aunt M lives about 500 yards from it. So she came down with her husband for dinner. Saturday morning it's full panic as a customer rings to inform them she's tested positive. Place closed, full clean down, and the wait begins.

Aunt M was hit by Monday morning. N's wife, not long after. N himself is fine, but his mum K has dropped too. Now things get a bit silly, as K probably has more visitors than is strictly necessary, as her husband S passed away in March/April time, and her brother also died pretty recently. Most of this is garden based. However, as of Friday past, her sister F is down, and F's husband P is strongly suspected. They live next to mum and dad. It's always been pretty much one household with two roofs. Except that that cult-compound feel* now extends to my two brothers and sister, who have built homes adjoining the family home. And the little brother works for Da. And the older one was helping fix some lights at the house. And mum minds my sister's kid when she's at work.

I'll not lie, lads. I'm pretty worried about it all. Lots of test results in the next few days.

*Not really, there was some land my Dad inherited from a neighbour, mostly yards and outbuildings, that were pretty much redundant given he had sufficient of these already, so he offered it to the family to build houses. They're definitely not whackos. Or Waco. Probably.
(If it all seems a little confusing, F and K are sisters. They are/were married to P and S, who are my dad's brothers. It might read a little Deliverance at first pass, but I assure you it's kosher)
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Mind, I've been a bit poorly m'self today.

Cough is continuing, and if anything getting worse. Fatigue is strong. Pains in left leg and back. Shits. (Not good with a hacking cough). Sore eyes. Intermittent headache.

Paranoia? Hypochondria? Dunno.

Did my Ocado Christmas order today. Hope I'm not tempting fate...
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Boiler wrote:
Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:49 pm
Oi! I've got the monopoly on that sort of thinking, so pack it in!

That aside Malc, have you considered getting tested?
It's not Covid - though it may be Long Version. As I've said, I'm pretty sure that Mrs A and I had it at the beginning of the year. We've got some symptoms in common, but not all. We copped a nasty cold when Fizz went back to school - as did everybdy she came within twenty feet of - and it hasn't really gone away. Flu injections next week (I think) and if I'm no better I'll ask for a check up.

@Arrer - I'm OK, really. Seasonal stuff, but thanks for the thoughts. Appreciated.
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