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By satnav
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Returning to work today was pretty grim. When we had the first lockdown school operated on a skeleton staff with only half a dozen member of staff in each day working with vulnerable children and the children of key workers. This time around all the teaching staff are delivering lessons on-line either from home or from school so now it is left to teaching assistants to look after the kids who come into school.

Whilst there were usually around 12 kids each day in lockdown this time we have got over 50 kids in school so it has been a real struggle just finding them computers or laptops to work on given that they are expected to stay in their different bubbles. Most of the laptops only have a two hour battery life so they are not great given that pupils are expected to do around 5 hours of on-line lessons each day. So most of the day was spent helping pupils access the right lessons at the right time and ensuring they had enough battery life to complete the lesson especially has the classroom only had 4 plug sockets.

Luckily I was with year 7 today and it was a new experience for them but when the novelty starts to wear off I think it is going to get a lot harder to keep them on task. Lots of Year 7's were sent home to self-isolate in November and December so I think it will only be a matter of time before someone tests positive and we all end up being sent home.
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