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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Just had a message that when #1 son bought his new, big freezer the week before last (seems such a long time ago) he filled it with bread so that it had something to freeze. A chilly loaf is on its way!
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By Arrowhead
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Morning all. Just back from a quick stroll around the estate for my daily exercise, a very eerie scene with only a handful of other people outside despite the glorious sunshine.

I was a bit perturbed to spot our regular postman coughing his guts up as he did his rounds - I think I'll ignore any letters delivered this morning and leave them to fester on the floor for at least a couple of days :?

Oh, and an Asda delivery is due later this evening, thank goodness!
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By Kreuzberger
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All good here. 'erself putting a massive shift on the sofa, texting her mates, and asking me what's for lunch. (Niçoise, seeing as you ask.)
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By Watchman
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Afternoon All especially Boiler
Ventured into town today, wasn't sure what to expect, got round Tesco fairly easily and reasonably well stocked. Wilko's had good supply of toilet roll.
Health wise all good here Mrs Watch still working from home, county council are skills matrixing staff and may be setting up some sort of call centre/ triage process to direct callers to the right place to deal with queries so she may end up doing shifts there

Did have one unexpected bonus, I've got a casual contract with local borough council, taking notes at grienvence, disciplinary, type meetings, as work stopped I'm getting a one off payment based on 12 month average over the past 4 years
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By Boiler
It's only now just occurred to me that with all the sunshine we've had these last few days, I could have made serious inroads into the laundry pile at home. Never mind.

Must admit, I'm feeling as weak as anything today and was getting somewhat puffed doing a few menial jobs, but I'm hoping that's just down to the complete lack of exercise as I have no other symptoms (no cough, no temperature) and have gone no further than my back garden since Monday.

I was going to go to the local Tesco and walk there but a mixture of feeling tired and outright fear have stopped me.
By Oblomov
Bugger, my friend's virtual birthday party tonight (being held via Skype) and I just realised I've barely got any drink in :(
By The Red Arrow
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Following tense negotiations, O.M.A has conceded to territorial demands on the dining table in return for the withdrawal of guitars currently obscuring her view of the Welsh dresser, and possession of the tv remote control for hours additional to those currently stipulated by previous conventions. It is also understood that I am to take greater responsibility in my efforts to stop smoking, however much outside I continue do it, and that the recovery and disposal of resultant dog-ends just outside the back door is a priority that I must take immediate steps to rectify.


I think I'll break myself in gently with those Soviet peasants.
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By Kreuzberger
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She's still on the sofa, texting her mates, and asking me what's for dinner. (Alsatian Flammkuchen, seeing as you ask.)

I'll be back on in a bit.
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