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By The Rationalist
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All good at Rationalist Towers. Working from home for last month and getting into a pattern. Our CEO has promised no job losses for at least three months and no reduction in pay and for that I consider myself very fortunate. I walk the dog (illegally?) twice daily for five miles so getting the exercise in and actually I think this is playing in well to my natural introversion for now. Mrs R and the brats are doing okay as well assisted by Uncle Amazon and various on-line learning and fitness techniques. Food supplies holding up although Ocado have dropped us from our regular order and am enjoying the odd virtual cocktail assisted by essential supplies from a friend's gin business!

My 83 year old Dad is on his own in assisted living and is going quietly crazy. We managed to get Amazon Echo installed so he can video call but he is upset that Alexa is a woman and is convinced she is spying on him (which of course she is). His blitz spirit (which sustained his pro-Brexit views in the end) is running thin!
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By Samanfur
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:22 am
Hey everyone,

Might get redeployed later this week. Currently doing crash course adult social care training online.
I had to fill in a questionnaire yesterday on my skills and availability, so I'm wondering if my employer's going from redeploying us piecemeal as needed to trying to find us something medium to long term.
By The Red Arrow
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Wooohoooooo!!! It's alive! Thank you so much, Boiler - the first beer's on me at the next Ma*lwatch party. :D :D :D
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By mr angry manchester
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Still working, out there, in defiance of the virus, heroically delivering...oil filters
By Oblomov
Morning all, still here.

Adding a migraine to my list of wee health bothers that might be sign of something bigger going wrong under the hood but I'll endure it for now to not overburden the NHS more. Has brought to me the reality that I could do with shifting some excess weight sharpish though.

Not much in the in tray at the moment so I'll spend the downtime trying to think of creative hiding spots for an easter egg hunt in the flat.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Oblo, morning all.

Bunged up to buggery, but that's normal. Sun shining, all fam reporting well.

Tried to take pictures of the pink moon, and it wasn't pink. I'll try again tonight with a pink filter.

Arrabiata last evening was OK, enough for at least another meal, but I think I'll freeze it. Pasta whacks my blood glucose up. More than chips, amazingly.

Very few plans for today.

Stay indoors and wash your thingies.
By Andy McDandy
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Morning all, still here.

Doing weekly shop later. Getting it out of the way before the weekend rush.

Looking for recipes for pork Bourguignon, determined to expand my repertoire.

All well here and with family elsewhere.
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