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By davidjay
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What I found particularly striking (unless I got my times mixed up) was that far-right fanzines such as Guido, Farage & the Daily Telegraph were setting the "Told you there was nothing in it, Remoaner lefties were wrong again" narrative BEFORE the report was published,
By Arrowhead
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A quick preview of the newspaper front page headlines tomorrow morning:

Daily Star: TITS! FAGS! BOOZE!
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By Timbo
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It'll be interesting to see whether Alex Salmond actively solicited interference on behalf of the SNP. He dropped right in at RT pretty quick after leaving office so there was obviously already a line of communication open there.
By crabcakes_windermere
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I think this is just the crowning achievement in the shitogeddon we find ourselves in. We had outside influence encouraging, buying off and bolstering outright greed and feeble intellect in govt. and its friends, coupled with the weakest, most self-obsessed and most unfocused opposition we’ve seen in decades at the worst possible time and a media largely owned by a handful of offshore press barons.

As a country with a global influence, we’re finished. All so Johnson can dine out on being ex-PM in a few years.
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By Kreuzberger
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:42 pm
I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, which probably suggests whatever it is slang for it might not be that well known (urban dictionary has nothing). Though I have heard of bin lid = kid.
Hyper-sensitive day. Nowt to trouble the horses.
By Oblomov
This ought to lay the Tory Party bare as the British equivalent to the GOP now. Over the last decade all of their previous identity myths have been debunked:

[*]"The party of economic competence" (even before the pandemic, they were borrowing larger sums and increasing the deficit more than the Labour government they had been deriding and who had to deal with the fallout from the global financial crisis.)

[*]"The party of law & order" (austerity cutting police budgets to the bone means anything short of murder rarely gets investigated long term, and even if they charge a suspect a similar defunding of the CPS means it'll be years before it comes to trial and even then a case might be dropped because a judge might not be available.)

[*]"The party to protect our borders" (okay, I invented that one but it's a presumption that Tories at the very least would be serious about national defence. And for all they mocked Corbyn's pacifism, Tories now don't hesitate about being bought by foreign interference. Their only reservations about it are if they get caught).

So yeah, just as openly corrupt and hypocritical as the GOP. It'll be the refuge of all the self-serving avarice masking itself as market freedom and the pearl-clutching moral decency brigade pretending they're not just afraid of new ideas/cultures.

EDIT: forgive my formatting, I was dozily up with the larks when I wrote this...
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By youngian
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Oblomov wrote:
Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:38 am
This ought to lay the Tory Party bare as the British equivalent to the GOP now. Over the last decade all of their previous identity myths have been debunked: .....
Agree with all of that but is the Tory voting base the same as the GOP’s? Probably yes. Core Tory voters don’t care how they woo the extra 10+ percent to get over the line as long as taxes and interest rates remain low. Kippers will shrug their shoulders and say ‘all politicians are corrupt and liars, so what?’ If five percent of the electorate who are voting Tory are appalled by the antics of this administration and thinking of changing their vote I’d be pleasantly surprised.
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