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By mr angry manchester
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Anyone watch this? It was about the property boom in Manchester and it pissed me off big tine.

It sort of summed up to me what is wrong with our society and economy. Some estate agent swanning round in a big fuck off car buzzing off the fact that all these new apartments are going for half a million quid and five grand a month to rent. He only, very briefly, mentioned in passing that they are all being bought up by foreign investment because, er no one else can fucking afford them.

All these things are going up in poor areas too, and the silly cunt looked surprised when sex workers and homeless people turned up at one of these projects.

Economic ethnic cleansing really, price out the undesirables who have been there since the year dot.

Used to love Manchester when it was a proper working class industrial city, now it's just run on behalf of greedy developers and media wankers. The city council went from fucking stupid sixth form politics in the 80s with nuclear free zone shit to becoming a front organisation for twatty developers. Ignoring all the bullshit PR, who in Manchester can afford this kind of stuff?

I despair
By Kreuzberger
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Welcome to Berlin. Kreuzberg. Add a toxic layer of app developers. Boys in shorter trousers and girls in long coats.

They are welcome to the pyre. Meanwhile and coincidentally, all the arty mob are telling me that they are off to the northern part of Schöneberg and in to Tiergarten.

Yes, I know that it all me-me-me. But, I am trying to deal with this in what is a fractured paradise.
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