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Woke warriors on the march? Don’t forget the bigotry of the ‘unwoke’
Kenan Malik
Meaningful discourse is lost when subtle arguments are boiled down to tribalism ... eal-debate

Sunday, 14 February 2021
War On Woke = Government Censorship ... rship.html
Another cheap thing that does nothing and costs nothing,
No doubt it will get a quango that two PM’s down the line quietly shelves.

Meanwhile the cut to London Weighting will adversely effect all these students who have suffered with mental health through lockdown, I hope one day there is a reckoning on this government.
That thing when you wake up and see "99+" in the blue roundel on your Twitter app. Looks like I fucked it, lads Why didn't someone stop me opening that second bottle of vino?
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I think this is where Goodwin's taking his examples from.

The bloke looks a bit of a free speech fundamentalist crank but I'll say this for him, he includes some lefties too. Goodwin seems to have missed those out. And provides a bit of background.

Here's one case that Goodwin lists.
Caroline Farrow. September 2020. Farrow was due to speak on Friday 18 September at a meeting of University of Exeter Debating Society. The topic was ‘This House Believes That Sex Work Is Real Work’. Two days before the event she received an email from, Robert Jones, the Chair of the society, saying that they were retracting the invitation to speak because:

‘A number of articles have been brought to our attention concerning your widely-cited anti-LGBT activism. This is in direct contradiction to the inclusive culture we wish to promote, being an incredibly broad-church society both in our ideas and diverse makeup’ (Message to Farrow 11.01 Thursday 18 September).

Farrow replied on Facebook saying that the society “Doesn’t seem very tolerant of diversity to me’.
She's not an academic. She was going to speak on something unrelated in a debate. I presume that somebody else stepped in. So what "challenging views" did the students miss out on, exactly? As far as I can tell, none at all.
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By Oblomov
It's simply right-wing political correctness.
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Seems to me that the use of "woke" as a derogatory term can only be seen as racism. It's saying that there are two camps, the established (white), and the insurrectionist (black). To be "woke" is thus seen as a betrayal of one's tribe, in the words of David Starkey, "the whites have become black".

Much of the language used by the right support this - "Our culture" and so on. The fuckers are getting bolder.
As I've said a few times, I'm quite fine with this thing about not taking responsibility for the actions of the long dead, as long as people can all the "we won the war" bollocks. If you're going to draw a line under things, it has to go all the way across.
Andy McDandy wrote:
Mon Feb 15, 2021 3:10 pm
... the "we won the war" bollocks ...
It strikes me that that is at the heart of this. Without that underpinning, there ain't much left to the Gammon certainties which the right desperately needs.
I'm looking up some of these cancelled people from Goodwin's list. Caroline Farrow, uninvited from a debate at Exeter, seems to be no great loss. ... comes-dup/

Apparently people who thought May shouldn't have done a deal with the DUP don't know anything about Northern Ireland.

You'll never guess who the real bigots are?
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