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Even if there is wholesale silencing of right-wing views, which I doubt because most of them are too busy knocking out national press columns or being fellated dawn to dusk on the BBC, this policy is bound to cause further trouble.

JO'B was recalling his LSE days this morning and the fact that, twenty-five years ago, it was only a handful of usual-suspects who jumped on every cause. He could have cast his historical gaze back to said institution in 1968 or considered the current cohort who are paying north of fifty grand for their higher education.

My supposition is that there is much more latent anger in 2021 and the kids will relish the chance to have a go at standing their ground if David Starkey and his ill are parachuted on to campus.

Whilst I love a good lefty riot, all that will do is fuel the press and, in turn, shore up the Gammon vote. Add a few terrified pensioners and that's a majority in 2024.
As of yesterday, one Jon Schafer, a founder member of the metal band Iced Earth had been charged in relation to the Capitol riot/insurrection on 6th January

As of this morning, two other members of the band left the band (bassist and vocalist) and a third revealed he was only a hired gun and won't be renewing his gig.

As of about 5 minutes after that, poor old Jon was apparently being cancelled by the woke. Despite literally everyone else installed in his band being the ones who've left, because of his own actions, it's still someone else's fault.
As said on the Building Back Better thread, it doesn't matter if there are no concrete examples. It's truthiness again, people just *know* that there's a problem, no need for details.

Same as unreported grooming gangs, or as Chris Morris put it, "crimes we know nothing about".
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:52 pm
The day Galloway dies, we'll need to import all the piss from the anglosphere* to see him off properly.

* 'Cos nobody else will trade with us.
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