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Littlejohn's brain wrote:smod, Oboogie and Dacre Bleurgh have stopped posting. That's about it really
Any reason why smod and Oboogie have stopped?

Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Beaboyd?

Welcome back, by the way.
Thanks Malcolm, can I ask your professional opinion on BfBT?
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Ask away - what is it?

Formally the Centre for British Teachers.

I seem to remember you worked on the YGaTP and didn't CfBT have some input into the programme.

You may remember my daughter had had problems getting a primary school place for this September, we've recently been offered a place at a new free school run by CfBT. I'm very conflicted about this as I really disagree with the whole notion of free schools however we've spoken to lots of people locally (Mrs DTR is a local secondary teacher and has spoken to many colleagues), my mother is an LEA SEN coordinator and my mother in law is a former primary teacher and went on to lecture in early years education at an FE college. Basically everyone we have spoken too has said that the free school looks to be the best option from what is published on their website. Was just wondering if you had any first hand knowledge of CfBT.
By Carlos The Badger
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Have oboog' and DB 'stopped' posting? Perhaps they're on one of those 'holiday' things that people go on in that summer thing? FFS, I thought my cats didn't like change…
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Ah yes, CfBT. They did some work for us on commission and later took over some outsourced Gifted and Talented national stuff.

I wasn't vastly impressed by the one piece of commissioned work I dealt with (provision for gifted in the arts). In fact I sent it back to be redone, and including more than just music!

The big stuff was better, as I recall it (but that was compared to Oxford Brookes who weren't doing so well). I know that the National Primary School Trust did some work with them and that was OK. I'd expect them to do a decent job - they've certainly got a lot of expertise to call on. Better than one of the commercial chains...
By The Weeping Angel
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Carlos The Badger wrote:Have oboog' and DB 'stopped' posting? Perhaps they're on one of those 'holiday' things that people go on in that summer thing? FFS, I thought my cats didn't like change…
I'm not exactly that cut up about them not posting. Just telling DTR what's been happening since he stopped posting
By shyamz
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DTR wrote:Hello all, after a few months off (I haven't been active since mid May) for varous reasons, I thought I'd announce my return.

Have I missed anything while I've been away?
A new Daft Punk album...and I got some new curtains. 'sabout it really.

Hello again. :)

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