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By Nickmaz
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Age 40
Location South West England
Occupation Local Government
Kids? 2
Papers you read None
Online news sources BBC Guardian on-line
Sum up the Mail in 5 words A Big Heap of Shite
Political party Non (inclining most towards Labour at the moment)
Favourite food Pizza\
Favourite drink Red Wine
Favourite book(s) Sentimental Education, Lord of the Rings
Favourite band/artist British Sea Power
Favourite album The Decline of British Sea Power
Footballl team Liverpool (only by birth)
The Mail likes me because I am white middle aged and class white with two children
The Mail hates me because I work for local government and have no problem with ethnic minorities or differing sexualities whatsoever
By Kreuzberger
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Hang on.
There's no word on sausage preferences. There has to be a note on sausage preferences, or I won't know if I like you or not.
Our Nickmaz has passed the red wine, darkies and poofs test so I think we're on safe ground. But, yes. The SW is sossidge-heaven so it would be good to know.
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