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By Kippercrit
Thought i should say hello. Been a long time lurker on here, just to see what the left rant about and get a different view. Never voted Labour, never will. If that doesn't get me banned I don't know what will! Don't believe in left-wing principles (so don't try to convert me).

Don't like everything the Tories do, agree with some of what UKIP stands for, but equally believe 80% of UKIP is swivelled eye loons, but something HAS to be done about immigration and if that involves leaving the EU then that's what has to be done.

If some members want to call me prick or wanker or any other name, well that just shows their immaturity and proves my suspicions that many left-wingers are hypocritical intolerant idiots of the highest order.

Won't fill in forms about music or the DM or sausages!

By Kippercrit
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Again? You do like introducing yourself, don't you.
Stupid pissing computer/phone combo. Obviously if it gave me fecking feedback that I had made a post then of course I would not have have pressed the "submit" button twice more, but it didn't. Do I care? Nope. So Admin, if you could remove the 2 extra duplicate posts then please do so, that would be great, but if not, i don't really give a feck so if it bothers any of you that I made 3 posts on here, well sorry but tough.
By Andy McDandy
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Kippercrit, welcome.

Just a quick note that will hopefully help you make more sense of this forum. As you've noticed, there are only a few hardcore regular posters. This has an advantage - we know eachother, we 'get' eachother. We can confer using the sort of allusion and in-jokery that almost passes for real life. Things don't have to be spelt out. Well, not all the time.

Another thing to note is that people on here tend to know what they're talking about. Yes, it's a left-leaning forum, but that isn't illegal yet. several members are members or ex-members of the Labour party and know a lot about its workings, history, internal affairs etc. Pretty much everyone on here has a better than average understanding of the UK's political and media scene.

The issue we have with trolling is that much of it is just shit. I'm not sure if you've seen it but there was a recent article pointing out that most 'trolling' is actually thick people making ill-thought out but sincere remarks, being called out on it, then falling back on a 'just trolling!' defence to attempt to justify their own stupidity. So if you are going to try that with us, we expect a high standard.

Anyway, hope that advice helps. :wink:
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