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Never got round to this the first time.
Age - 43
Location - Liverpool
Kids? - No.
Papers you read - None, but when visiting other towns or areas I like buying their local papers.
Online news sources - BBC is the "go to" if I hear that a major news story is breaking. I just want the facts at first if it's a big story- not the hysteria and blame game played by the tabloids.
Sum up the Mail in 5 words - Reactionary dog-whistling right-wingers
Political party - Voted Labour until recently. Now none until Corbyn and the disgraceful self-serving Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson are gone.
Favourite food - Salt and pepper chicken.
Favourite drink - Tea.
Favourite book(s) - Only read non-fiction now. Particularly anything 19th century socio-economic/crime related.
Favourite band/artist - The Beatles
Favourite album - Dangerous (Michael Jackson)
Favourite song - A Day In the Life (The Beatles)
Favourite film - Rear Window
Football team - Liverpool
The Mail likes me because - I'm white and male, and click on their site occasionally.
The Mail hates me because - I'm a lefty remoaner from Thatcher's favourite city!
By Watchman
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Age 55.5 Nearly 62 now, 11 Oct
Location Loughborough, Leicestershire
Occupation do 10 hours per week admin for AGEUK; exam invigilating at local seconadry; casual work for local Borough Council HR dept
Kids? F 29 M 26...still ages not quantity!
Papers you read Loughborough Echo, Leicester Mercury
Online news sources Guardian, BBC News
Sum up the Mail in 5 words twisted; confused; paranoid; gullible; delusional
Political party Old Labour
Favourite food carnivore
Favourite drink real ale; French red wine; Islay malt
Favourite book(s) Treasure Island; Trainspotting; 1984; Hard Times
Favourite band/artist Classic 70's Rock; Zepplin, Stones, Floyd etc etc etc plus Springsteen, also into new Americana (White Buffalo, Richmond Fontaine etc)
Favourite album see above
Favourite song see above above
Favourite film too many to choose from
Footballl team Leicester City; Loughborough Dynamo
The Mail likes me because; it thinks it speaks for me and others like me without actually asking me
The Mail hates me because I have a lot of friends who are I know the truth! Wife works for County Council; I have respect for other people; I want to understand the full story before taking a view point; I am comfortable with my taxes supporting society; I hate smug self-centred hypocrites with a passion;
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By Kreuzberger
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Oh, fuck it - I really don't care any more.
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