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By Polyp Grunter-Pulpit
So I’m not new per se I did register here a couple of years back as ‘Garner’ but never had anything to say and subsequently lost the site access details. I’m not sure how much I have worth saying now but here goes...

Age - 49.
Location - Solihull.
Occupation - Business Analyst.
Kids? - Two teenage boys.
Papers you read - No dead tree press for a good fifteen years.
Online news sources - BBC, Sky, C4, Independent, Guardian.
Sum up the Mail in 5 words - Not fit for human consumption.
Political party - Labour but tend to vote tactically due to location/malaise.
Favourite food - Mexican or Italian
Favourite drink - Trying to get into water.
Favourite book(s) - The Kenneth Williams Diaries.
Favourite band/artist - Cardiacs, British Sea Power.
Favourite album - ‘A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window’ - Cardiacs.
Favourite song - ‘Dirty Boy’ - Cardiacs (though it’s not from ALMAAHATWWW).
Favourite film - ‘Restless Natives’.
Footballl team - STH at Wycombe Wanderers.
The Mail likes me because - I look like I might tick most of their boxes.
The Mail hates me because - I prefer people who don’t.
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