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By daveinbrum
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Oh dear, oh dear... ... 79,00.html

Prince must be desperate to let his new album be given away free and the Mail must be desperate to pay for it. These giveaways will do papers no good in the long term - how about spending the money on journalism instead? Or is that too crazy an idea?
By phi1978
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Seems Prince can do no wrong in the eyes of the Mail readership. Would they be as complimentary of him if the CD had been free with the Mirror or the Daily Diana?
Like his former schoolmates, I too have laughed at Prince and his idiosyncracies (not to his face, as I do not have the connections to have been able to). However, as of now, I have great respect for him. This short bio set his story straight and I cannot wait to support his cause against the music bigwigs. Support Prince and the revolution! BUY THE MAIL ON SUNDAY AND TELL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!!! Down with DRM and overpriced music!

- Nobody, Virginia, USA thanks
Well done to the Mail on Sunday!!!

- Jags Chander, Kingston, UK
Just listened to the CD in todays Mail. Great, lets have more of the same. Well done Mail for giving your readers a chance to listen to it first.

- Johnswansea, Swansea
Cheers, The Mail on Sunday.
What a great way to start the day, coffee, interesting paper :shock: and the first listen to a fantastic album by one of the all time greats.

- Jason Earl, Worthing, UK
By sven945
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Abernathy wrote:Confession time - I actually bought the Mail yesterday in order to get the free CD. Then threw it straight into the recycling and got on with reading a proper newspaper.
I was debating this. It could potentially have been (and probably was) a loss leader for for MoS. It all depends on the wording of the deal (something which we shall never know). If for each sale the MoS paid a fixed amount to Prince then by buying it you cost the MoS an extra amount of money.

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