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By Dave
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Funny, isn't it? The 'oh get over it, where's your sense of humour' comments. But I'm sure if somebody were to parody a DM reader (and let's face it, there are lots of things to parody) the 'oh come on, grow up' comments would not be flying so thick and fast.

So when somebody makes a joke about the Queen Mother (which in a free country they are perfectly entitled to do) he or she is judged to have committed treason for even daring to do such a thing, but anybody who doesn't laugh at Bernard Manning's 'jokes' offensive obviously is a thin-skinned liberal with no sense of humour. Double standards anyone? Funny how a 'newspaper' which depends on constant outrage and bloodspitting can then have the nerve to criticise those who are offended by the DM's twisted and thoroughly nasty worldview or for having different views in the first place.
By sundaymorning
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Wait, they stole that from a song by Le Tigre! (Without the times bit and all the racist undertones, of course.)

Who on earth thought that was a good idea? I mean, really. They only find funny in a Bernard Manning way, "oh no, we're not meant to laugh at that because the PC Police tell us not to so we must laugh!".
Of course, if it was Jerry Springer the Opera all over again there would be OUTRAGE! :roll:
By Beast of Bolsover
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There doesn't seem to be a general hypocracy thread so I will restart here .

Anyway , from today , two wholly distinct articles....

284,000 Britons are gambling addicts - 'and it'll get worse' ... ge_id=1770

and on the same day from the promotions section

Two-for-one racing offer

"In the last seven years nearly 150,000 readers of The Mail On Sunday have taken advantage of a fantastic 'Two-for-One' ticket offer to enjoy the thrills of a day at the races........accompanied children under 16 go free too, it means the whole family can enjoy a day at the races" ... ge_id=1777
By Samanfur
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It's been a while since I've seen someone comprehensively do a Ratner (although Sega describing at a press conference how their brand “loses its cool factor when you get about 12 years old” is still comparatively recent, and I want to see their next performance figures against Sony and Microsoft) - I wonder if the DM'll be as keen to record any further plummeting.
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