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Following frolix22's idea from the Political swipe thread, I think this is a good idea. The rules are:

1) Players have to nominate a name they will post under. Only posts under that name will be counted.
2) The story can't be directly related to politics- e.g I'd allow a story on an unusual crime, but not on crime in general.
3) There are no limits to how many comments a day allowed, but please don't take the mick and play fair.
4) The swipe has to be at Labour- PC gone mad/loony left etc. won't count.

Scoring will be 3 points for the swipe judged to be the most ludicrous, 2nd for the second best, 1 for third. I might expand to 5 or 6 winners if there are enough takers. The points will be wiped clean after each month a la Bullshit Bingo.
Let me know if you want to give it a go and we'll get started.
By JuanTwoThree
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If anybody can get anything through under the name Wilma Wheatacre then I vote they get a special prize. What I don't know.

It's an anagram of "we are mailwatch"

She was born in 1960 and her email address is "". Really. I've set it up specially. If she gets any spam we'll know it was the Mail.

She lives in East Grinstead.

Hi Tessa, if you're reading this then we haven't got a hope in hell.
By JuanTwoThree
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#25009 ... ge_id=1770

:D :D :D :D :D

Too political for Beaver's game but my first ever accepted comment! Just by toeing the Mail line.

It also suggests that this private forum is safe at least for the moment unless Wilma's comment suddenly disappears!

Feel free to use Wilma, her email and her town though I think she has to send a lot of "safe comments" like mine so that the occasional odd one gets through too.

Sorry if I seem to have hijacked this thread. If anone has more success with Wilma perhaps they could open another thread?
By sven945
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daveinbrum wrote:Interesting comment after Wilma's...
At last something worth reading about!

- Maria, Brussels
Is she talking about the content of the Mail generally?
I think Mail readers believe that The Mail has no editorial line as such, and just reports everything that's going on. Therefore it's no fault of The Mail if there's something that they don't like reading about.

However, that theory only goes as far as the Mail. Of course the BBC and the Guardian are the Labour Party's slaves and publish everything that they are told to by Gordon Brown.
By JuanTwoThree
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I get the feeling that once someone is an established name, the mods don't read their contributions too closely.

I like the idea of having OUR regular commentator. My vague plan is to go on submitting safe comments by Wilma for a while and then decide whether to get the odd liberal dig in or go completely ballistic and neo-nazi in an attempt to revolt the more moderate Mail readers.

What I haven't got is time so if people could send plenty of usable comments from Wilma, we could all decide what to do next when Wilma has gained VIP commentator status. Feel free to use her name, town and email as above.
By Beast of Bolsover
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Wilma fell at the first hurdle with the Mail . Express? With a secret cunningly disguised name that will be undetectable to all , (not Wilma)....piece of piss.

I am Sparticus.

EDIT ... Probably doesn't count under rules , but hey. slightly grimy now.
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