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By bairy
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Are page views on this forum tracked?

I know ips are logged when you post, and I know phpbb doesn't track hits on it's base install, but is anything installed that can track.

It'll be interesting to figure out the ips of the people from the Mail (admittantly difficult) and see exactly what they're reading, how often etc.
By Adrian
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Chris wrote:I can find out IPs of who is currently online (including guests) and see IPs of people who post, as well as other IPs they have posted from and people who have posted from the same IP.

As far as I know, there's no tracking on here. If I could find out the IPs of people at Mail Towers, then....
It said in the Private Eye recently that a user with an IP address in Mail-land edited out bits of Amanda Platell's Wikipedia entry. Could you get any IP information out of looking at the edit history of the article?
By bairy
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Okay I looked more. The 62. addresses are in Brentford.

One of the edits was = Resolve Host:
.. someone's been naughty from work. Edit: I looked again, this is an edit on another topic. But still, it gave me the lead to look for ips.

I dug further:

inetnum: -

So Associated own

A total of 1000 or so ips. Nice.

Lets see what they've been upto:

One such edit: ... =155274044

The stuff in yellow was added. The stuff in green was changed afterwards.

Some was "unedited" as you can see.
The this NTL ip edited it again.
It was unedited again and, for a third time, NTL ip put in that Amanda was an "immigrant". It's now being removed again.

This is fun, and I have more:
these are all the edits done by any ip at Associated
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By sinnikal
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Merk, if this 'secret' forum is going to be effective it really should be made 'invitation only', or at least by 'vetted application' only.
I assume you're able to check whether the Mail lurkers are registered?
Just a thought, but a couple of other forums I use have such a system in place and it seems to work rather well.
The levels of paranoia shown by the Mail lackeys seem to indicate such a course of action to be desirable.
By sinnikal
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It shouldn't be too difficult to arrange via PM's.
That's how it's worked on other forums.
I know it all seems a bit elitist and exclusive, but if it isn't there's not really much point in trying to keep it at all private.
It would obviously create a bit of work for admin but I think it boils down to whether we think we're doing any greater good or just havin' a laugh.
I personally think it could develop into something worthwhile, but hey, I'm an early retired lazy bastard stoner with too much time on his hands so what do I know :lol:
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