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By PeteNattress
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Is it easier to put a "minimum posts" limit on the access to this forum? I.e. a user can only see it if they have made X amount of posts. Set X as a reasonable amount, something like 20. I doubt many casual DM drones would have the time or will to make 20 posts before being allowed into our TOP SECRET LAIR.

If you can't do it via phpBB then you could create a pretty simple SQL script to do it for you. Just an idea.
By Daul Pacre
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Majestic isn't a spy, he just doesn't agree with most of us. I'm sure the Daily Mail, with their millions-strong readership, have better things to do than go after a teenie tiny website and disagree with the people who visit it.

Incidentally, here's a hilarious guy on Slashdot (tech news forum) who thinks Microsoft's after him in much the same vein. Paranooooid.
By Winston O'Hoodie
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I would tend to agree with the idea that it should be an invitation only site.
You could put 20 postings in the 'collaborative headline' or 'picture link' thread in a few days easily. Could it be done so that you would require a separate website supplied password to enter the private forum?
By bairy
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Using Winston's idea, it'd be possible if that website set a cookie then the code on this site was modified to look for it.. but that would be messy.

phpbb is pretty weak when it comes to this stuff, though there might be a mod on the phpbb site.

Otherwise it'd either be usergroup-based, or this will be known as the "kinda sorta private-ish forum"
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