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By Sarah
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Having searched, I can't find a thread on her, which is odd as I thought there was. I should stop licking those toads.

Anyway, remember the delightful little article she wrote about her mixed-race daughter being 'alien' to her? She's now come up with this gem:

'If I'd known what fun dogs are, I'd have thought twice about having children'
Having a dog is fun in a way that having children is simply not. It's low maintenance, healthy (all those walks) and delivers endless ego massaging of the tail-wagging-whenyou-get-home variety.

When I return from work, my fouryear-old is apt to wail 'Where have you been?' in a pathetic yet accusatory tone. Vanilla just runs round in circles, barking excitedly — always pleased to see me.

In light of my new experience, I wonder whether I wasted my time having babies. Maybe I should have had dogs all along.

Yes, I love my human babies. The four-month-old is lovely and smiley and the feel of her cheek against mine is satisfying on a deep, visceral level. On the other hand, I have to carry or push her everywhere. My canine baby can walk to the shop.

There are no nappies or bottles to sterilise with puppies. No teething granules or measuring out Calpol while a mewling infant struggles in your arms, thereby spilling most of the bottle down yourself.

Puppies do have a habit of disgracing themselves on your carpet and the plastic bag routine in the street isn't great, but when you've dealt with dirty nappies for seven years, as I have, you are battle hardened.

The fact dogs can't talk is a definite boon. My children provide a constant running commentary.

This would be fascinating if most of it didn't revolve either around Pokemon, the game they want that I am refusing to buy them, or the tea I have cooked that they are refusing to eat. The dog doesn't argue, moan or bicker.

My favourite part of the day is when I have got the children in bed and I can sit down on the sofa, put my hand on Vanilla's warm body and listen only to her gentle breathing. Blimey, bring on the carpet slippers.

But dogs aren't only aids to relaxation. They make you popular with others in a way children never can. Walk down the street with three children and people tend to back away, even when they are not shrieking and hitting each other over the head with Power Rangers.

Egad, it has to be better for them than having this disgusting bitch for a mother. I sincerely hope they never read these articles.
By Eurobloke
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Killer Whale wrote:She writes a column every Friday in the Western Mail. You can't read it without thinking "she's knocked this whole thing up in a couple of minutes for some easy money". It's invariably absolutely awful.
From the sound if it, she is Polly Filler (from Private Eye) :lol: .

The problem with Lowri is that back in the mid '90s, she wasn't too bad, but recently her ego has really taken her by the horns and made a not very nice person.
By Lise
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She's constantly on "The Wright Stuff" on channel 5. She never says anything too controversial, but manages to steer any topic back to her. Usually in a "woe is me having children is soooooo hard!" way. Her entire career seems to be based on her moaning about her home life. Maybe that's why she has kids even though she doesn't seem to like them: it keeps her in employment.
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