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Here we go:

that's just what we've come to expect

it's political correctness gone mad

the PC brigade have seen to it that [...]

I blame Nu-labour and Tony B.Liar

Eastern Europeans coming over here and [...]

the elf'n'safety brigade

[they] have destroyed [the] [our once great] country and that's why I'm leaving/I left.

haven't [they] [the police] got better things to do [like catch the real criminals?]

these so-called 'scientists' should stop wasting their time on this and [cure cancer]

No-one I know voted for this

it's all just a ploy to keep nu-labour in power

And of course - Littlejohn for PM!
By Dave
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How much is this costing the taxpayer?

More nonsense from council jobsworth's trying to justify their useless jobs

Send them all back.

I am a victim of prejudice and a minority in my own country - a white male.

This country is a laughing stock (thanks to Tony B.Liar and Nu Labour).

Alright, why don't you just stick a giant sign up at Dover saying 'You can all come in'.

We need some common sense, not politically correct rubbish.

These people are deliberately stabbing themselves so that they can use our NHS, our hard working taxpayer's NHS.

The NHS is rubbish.

Bring back hanging/the cane/national service.

Bring back Mrs Thatcher.

This country is going to the dogs

Why don't the police do some proper work instead of politically correct form-filling.
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