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Brown launches mission to find a national motto to make us all feel British
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Behold, a tide of cynicism and negativity:
'When in Rome, do as the Romans' or 'we will fight them on the beaches and on the landing grounds' (meaning the EU of course).

- Harry, North Lincs
The motto should be "Brown's Britishness is for Scotland's benefit at England's Expense.'

- Luke, Chester
How about 'no room at the inn'?

- Surreyboy1, Surrey
The new slogan should be "Vote Labour at your peril"

- D J Kirkby, Newport
The motto is "Rip-off Britain"

- Sam, Essex
Tax, more taxes and damned taxes?

Spin, Illusion, Disillusion?

Naivete, Tolerance, Taxes?

Tolerance, Taxes, Immigration?

Tolerance, Hospitality, Immigration, Emigration?

Last out, lights out?

For taxes we serve?

Need I go on? This is such a patronising and crass move which smacks of Brown's desperation to mask the idiocy of his party. How can a country be unified when there's no wider acceptance of integration by those who abuse our generosity and tolerant spirit? Adopting strict entry requirements, like being able to speak English, would at least be a start in making immigrants adopt a sense of what it is to be British.

- Charlie, Bedale, North Yorks
For God's sake help us.

- B Veale, Widnes, Cheshire
^^^ I wonder if that's a comment on the subject of the article or a suggestion
Mine are not printable.

- Rc, Scotland
'Mugs R Us'?

- Helen, UK
"Knowing how to spend other people's money better than they do."

- Bob Grant, London

And among all that bile, someone gets through with the only sensible suggestions:
Peace, Tolerance and Prosperity is what we should all strive for.

- Raymond Mccluskey, Reading, UK.
Or strength through diversity.

- Raymond Mccluskey, Reading, UK.
By Killer Whale
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sven945 wrote:
"Knowing how to spend other people's money better than they do."

- Bob Grant, London
Isn't that one of the points of voting people into parliament anyway?
Works both ways, though. Aren't Mail readers always banging on about how the underclass only waste money on fags and white cider if it's given to them?
By Killer Whale
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They've let a whole load more pitiful efforts through now. Mostly the wholly predictable shite you'd expect.
'NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE" ... comes to mind.
- Susannah, UK quite good, though.
The B-Liar motto might do: "Greed is Good."
- Michael Collins, Canterbury, England
...appears to think that a) Blair is still in power and b) that it wouldn't be one of the Mail's own slogans.

Does he actually think we are all stupid...thanks to his govt, I am now English only. Any old terrorists and crooks can become British so it means nothing. Labour have devalued everything in this country and we don't need a Scot to tell us how to feel.
We know what he is up to and it won't wash so he needn't bother. Labour have sold out to the EU and New World Order so all traces of patriotism will be removed, what is the point of this meaningless gesture?
- Samantha Jones, Bucks the kind of NeoCon fake paranoia that I know all of us are dreading being imported form the US.

World class moaning despite constantly increasing wealth and quality of life since 1945
...hasn't made it. I wonder why.
By Run
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Eurobloke wrote:Here is some that some of the BBC website have posted, ... enge.shtml

Ahahaha from that article, i quite enjoyed "Britain: At least it's not France"

Also this post amused me:
Specto Vestri Verto

(which at least one translation website tells me is the Latin for Wait Your Turn, but is probably closer to Expect To Girate, which is just what my late latin teacher may well be doing.)
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