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By Beast of Bolsover
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Well I can see how and why you would express that , I genuinely do . I think that what has happened to these children is a vile and foul thing . But there is a dark side of me and most of us that recognises a gallows humour . This is the handcart section after all and where I will try to reserve such comments . Otherwise , is there anything else that particularly offends you that I should curtail? I can't say I believe in total freedom of speech myself, there are limits.And there are core acceptable values , even a principle that sometimes some more unpleasant aspects should be shielded away into restricted areas from the more sensitive or those of an age unable to deal with some things .If Mailwatch and the frequenters have limits they collectively agree on and they would like to adhere to then that is perfectly acceptable to me . My wish is not to set out to cause offence ,and where something is either clearly or potentially crossing that line this would seem an acceptable area to bring it to , where limits may be more elastic but still have limits.
Can I ask is there any other taboo's that you feel I may not broach? How about religion? Or are your standards the acceptable ones? I believe in PC . I'm proud of the fact. But the sort of definition of PC that flows from such outrage that should be banned is as much the one lampooned by those papers examined here , or the reserve of the likes decaying Mary Whitehouse.Should the administrators or the general community decide this handcart should go , that is a decision I am more than happy to accept. I will then also burn my Brass Eye and Day Today DVD's and install a nanny net monitor for myself on the computer . Who knows , there may even be a branch of Christian Voice down the road . I mean come on , it's not as if I have killed any kids or anything.
By Killer Whale
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Humour is a way we look at unusual and shocking vents and put them into perspective. Children getting killed in an unexpected and apparently senseless way chills us to the bone and makes us scared about the world. The jokes point out how, literally, absurd such events are. We laugh with relief as we realise that these things are vanishingly unlikely to happen to us.
By Beast of Bolsover
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Just like to say with regards to my polish beer fuelled garbled , but I still think essentially accurate ,rant ,I am sorry you are offended . It's not going to change my posting here ,but on the rest of the site it has made me stop and think already . In the picture game in response to the Nirvana Nevermind cover I wanted to put this


but I felt no that may be a bit iffy in the context. Shame . Killjoy :wink:
Here is fine , but there , suppose I better think of something else. The same row has been on b3ta.

Also I did try to delete the post but Killer Whale had posted by then and I messed up doing that due to fine polish (yes I say it again Mail readers ) beer. He more tactfully put what I should have said . So have I learned a lesson from this?Probably , well dunno , actually no . Nope.
By Beast of Bolsover
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It was something that was nearly released in the US but caused a hell of a fuss. Copies were withdrawn and had a more acceptable cover pasted on . Copies are quite sought after. A google search on 'Beatles butcher cover' should bring up all the info you ever needed or not needed to know.
By Raskolnikov
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If you have an original cover of Y & T it can be worth a lot. Another cover was stuck over some issues.
Anyway, I think the round of sick jokes after some tragedy can be therapeutic but you have tp walk a tightrope. I think the first I heard was after Nikki Lauda was badly burned and the joke was that the toy shop had suffered a fire but was able to sell the action man doll as Lauda dolls.

Sometimes some professions use black humour to cope with stress. It is a reaction and helps you deal with often traumatic situations. Obviously it is kept within a close circle and the public don't get to hear. There lies the difference with the jokes referred to.

I noticed the Q in the tests of Learndirect on the DM story.

Complete the following:
Once a week Kerry gets on the bathroom scales to ----------- herself
a) weigh b) way c) weight d) wait

I was thinking of Kerry Katona (not a pleasant image) and wondered why there wasn't an option for abort.

It appears she is actually pregnant again this week...i lose count but at least we have Max to keep us up to date.

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