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By JuanTwoThree
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Am I right that the Mail is getting more and more hate-filled with regard to immigration? There seem to be two or three stories every day. It wasn't always like this, was it?

I wonder how productive this is in terms of circulation. Surely everybody who is going to read the rag already is. Too much bile can only put occasional readers off.

Unless there are bitter non-readers who one day pick up a Mail and it strikes a chord in their miserable lives. Not many though. Certainly circulation is remarkably steady. I wonder if there are young DM readers. Unless one miserable old git dies and is replaced by a younger one?

When it's all too depressing just think of a commuter train. Who's got a Mail? Call me a snob but theyre too up themselves to read an honest red-top and have a laugh but not bright enough for the DT. A lumpen bourgeoisie. And they're in for another Labour Government by all accounts, which I hope will twist the knife.

Now I'll lie down and then have some pound a bottle plonk. Which makes things better too.
By bairy
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I do have a theory.

If Brown calls an election in the next month or three, the Mail will probably want him out because he hasn't actually done all that much (well, anything?) wrong. So they pile on the anti-Labour pressure.
They know Cameron will fuck up from day one, thus giving them more hate to write about and if they hammer him from the start, they may strike a chord with more people, get better figures etc.

I pretty much just thought of that theory in the last 2 mins.
By Paul
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In the absence of a good opposition the Mail and Dacre in particular see it as their job to stick it up Labour.

They tried it with Blair from all angles and now it is Browns turn.
By Winston O'Hoodie
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Yes, and opinion polls over the last few months show how devastatingly successful their anti-Brown campaign has been. I feel that the likes of Jaqui Weems may have been turned off voting Labour by reading the constant anti-Labour articles.

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