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By bairy
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Note this doesn't apply to all mail readers (that would be evil blanket labelling), just the more "extreme" ones.

You know it's odd.

I read a few of the stories and some of the comments on the Mail website and I honestly truly feel depressed. Not because of the stories but because of the incredibly stupidity and complete narrow mindedness by some people.

And it's not even the people who think we should have capital punishment or sharia law.. it's just every day obsurdities like how we should close our borders which will apparently solve all crime or how putting in a narrow minded, hypocritical, homophobic, sexist journalist will solve all the UK's problems.

If I can get depressed just reading the comments to these stories, how the hell must these people feel reading a dozen of these stories every week.

Jesus it must be a mix of hate, depression and blanket fear in their heads. The fact that some people are absolutely and completely convinced that they are going to get mugged / raped / stabbed / all of the above by a black / darkie / muslim / policeman / all of the above every time they go out is just shocking to me.

And these people take it to such extremes, such as calling for capital punishment for everything, and viciously attacking anyone who doesn't agree, blanket labelling them as a "liberal lefty" softy.

And what's worse than their labelling is their automatic dismissal of anything contrary to what they've chosen to believe. They don't bother to get rounded, constructive views. They just swallow what the Mail has said, in the way the Mail has said it.
If anyone does say something to the opposite, it's labelled as liberal / Guardian bullshit by someone who is brainwashed, and just dismissed without question.

the fact the mail tops the invasion of privacy list (whilst banging on about "big brother state"),
the fact it's possibly the most ridiculed (satire) paper,
the fact that stories are usually so full of hate for anything government-related that by the time you've got to the end of a story, you've forgotten what the story is about (case in point: using a 10 year old drown victim as an excuse to mercilessly bash the police and PSCOs)
the fact that headlines are often way over the top where the story is quite mundane.
the fact that they fill the article with hate and disclaim it in the very last line knowing full well that some people won't get there, or if they do, that they'll be so wound up they won't fully take it in.
the fact that comments that critisise the Mail's style of reporting very rarely make it.
the fact that people who post on this site will apparently never make it to the quick post status on the mail site, such is the fear and policy of the mail team.
the hypocrisy which reams off every edition and most actions.

And they're just the issues off the top of my head. There are likely to be more.
How can people miss such obviousness?

Of course the most repeated answer to that is "well the Guardian/Sun/etc is the same". Well, even if they are, and I'm not saying they are, do you think that makes it alright? That's like saying "yes it's okay for me to mug someone because some criminals murder people".

Let me tell you Drew, and Jacqui, and Albert, and all the rest of you. Let me tell you that people like you are something to be ashamed of in this country. In my opinion people like you contribute towards making it a "laughing stock of the world". And the most tragic thing of all is you're so set in your ways that you can't even see just how obsessively fanatical you are.

You know who else is like that? A suicide bomber. (nb that's not a direct comparison, it's a state of mind comparison).

Average Joe: Right, here are the facts, what conclusions can we draw from them?
People like Jacqui: Right, here's my conclusion, what facts can I find to support it.
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By Andy McDandy
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Recently I moved house from Gloucester to Gwent, and on my first foray into the village pub, I ended up outside satisfying my nicotine habit and got talking to a couple of people who were staying at the caravan park nearby. Oh God what a mistake...

Thankfully I look pretty conventional - short hair, clean shaven, pretty regular dress sense, south mids/Oxford accent. I'm also so laid back I'm almost horizontal. Now this couple, well, they were Express readers. Get where I'm going?

Such a stream of abject negativity over everything! Bloody weather, bloody caravan site, bloody Wales with their bloody accents and bloody dual language roadsigns, waste of bloody taxpayers money and bloody rugby on bloody Sky when he wanted to watch the bloody football, only his team's now full of bloody foreigners, bloody smoking ban cos he's paid his bloody taxes all his bloody life and that means as a bloody Englishman he should have the bloody right to do whatever he bloody likes, mind you doesn't feel bloody English in his own bloody country because these days they'll let any bloody scrounger in and don't you tell me the bloody NHS needs all those bloody foreign doctors, if we got rid of all the bloody foreigners in the first place you wouldn't need so many bloody people to treat them all, besides who'd want to be in a bloody hospital anyway, so stuff Britain they're off to Spain. As soon as they can afford it.

But what really enraged him (yes, enraged) was when I said that I was 30 years old, a professional (a librarian - 'bloody women's work' he scoffed), have lived in some of the most ethnically diverse parts of Britain, and didn't really have much of a problem with the way things were, and that having lived through the Major years could make an honest comparison, and on the whole, my life was pretty sweet and I thought that a lot of perceived 'crises' were isolated or unconnected incidents linked together by a news media that has to keep producing news to fill it's own too-extensive airtime and/or pages. Think that bit went over his head, because he just went 'Baaah, you're still a young man and you don't know NOTHING! You don't even know you're born!*'
before stomping off with his horrible too-much-cheap-jewellery and face like the back of a bus wife.

Well, hope they enjoyed their holiday... :lol: , but seriously yes I do wonder how such people can go on living, as every day must be such a terrible burden to them - and it's NOT legitimate worry or concern. It's just an utter hatred of the world at large. Odd.

*Yes he leant in my face and shouted this at me. Lovely. Stands up for good manners, does the Express, dontcha know?
By Winston O'Hoodie
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Sometimes, after reading a barrage of barely-sane, hysterical and downright evil comments on the Mail site, I sometimes wish that the Mail-reader types WOULD instigate an armed uprising or a civil war - just so I could have the pleasure of being in the 'clean-up' crew that inevitably follows such conflicts...

"Jaqui Weems, in the name of the people, you are found guilty of treason and sentenced to death by firing squad. Sentence will be carried out immediately..
who is next."
"Albert Hurwood M'Lud"
"Albert Hurwood, in the name of the people..."

Not that I would really want rebellion or civil war in the UK - but it was a nice daydream.
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