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By Kate
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Muslim medics say they will refuse to let patients with 'living wills' die

Another predictable take-a-pop-at-the-Muslims story which shamefully displays its intentions when half way into the story it lets slip that "Other religious groups have also voiced their opposition to the law."

Funny how the headline (and many of the comments) fails to reflect that fact. :roll:
By Citizen Smith
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Truly shocking. So run an almost-but-not-quite racist story and then let the readers 'make up their own minds'. I didn't think the media was allowed to do things like this. The Mail must be sailing fairly close to the wind.

The story cold have been reported without 'muslim' in the headline, and without the slant, and the comments would have been quite different.
By Beast of Bolsover
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Smoke and mirrors . His site also raises the case of an Asian woman who was killed .Oh , so he is for all races then? This was used to have a go at an interpretation of Sharia law and honour killings . Fair enough you may think , but you have to look at the totality of what he says. A good illustration of this is what his site used to be and the way back machine thingy is useful here .*/

(copy and paste full thing into address bar)

Originally looking like dodgy internet ware , by 2004 it becomes the UK Times . Immigrants are mentioned a lot with the old scare stories . Even when he is banging on about Eastern Europeans , the images used are predominantly those who are richly coffee toned . Terrorists infest the street , in a year there will be revolt and riots on the streets , they come to rob us , take precedence and carry nasty germs . Be interested to see the photos published on his site of ne'er do wells . Look at this poor chap's account...incitement?

Smoke and mirrors.
By larrylargesse
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It is apparent that the Portuguese police, with little or no training in true law enforcement, decided that the McCanns did it, regardless of the lack of evidence and testimony. From day two, the Portuguese police were not interested in investigative work. Probably because they have never had the background, education or training that US and UK police go through. Britain is a thriving democracy, with strong democratic traditions.

- Marlene, Alexandria, VA

well said Marlene,expert in police training from America...
By Citizen Smith
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Muslim dentist 'humiliated patient by forcing her to wear Islamic headscarf'

This is indicative of what is happening in our fractured population.

Nevertheless, it raises a question: How is it that this very attractive, and, clearly "White British" lady describe herself as a "non-practicing Muslim"?

- Tony Jordan, Swanage, UK
No mention of the lady's colour, ethnic origin or nationality in the article, and she is referred to only as 'Patient A'. Perhaps Tony is confused by the picture of a model posing in a headscarf. And what the hell is a 'fractured population'?

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