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By Raskolnikov
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Wondered if a new thread could detail examples of OTT comments that are totally out of propportion to the seriousness of the story. I know that this happens in most stories but I'm thinking of ones like this on the story of a new version of Love Thy Neighbour. ... rtComments
And you wonder why my family and I have left the UK...

- Lee Lloyd, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear
It also deserves an award for the person with too high an opinion of his status. I wonder why his address is still in the NE of England.

If this should be in a different thread, then by all means move it.
By larrylargesse
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Big Brother Britain: Government and councils to spy on ALL our phones

typical mail nonsense ... ... rtComments

hope the phone companies and the media are listening to me. When this latest intrusive Law comes into force, I will immediately unplug my phone and cancel the contract on my mobile phone.
When the Internet spying Laws are brought in, there will be no need for me to pay for a landline - I will cancel immediately.
There is nothing the phone companies can do to stop me as this will be a breach of contract.

You tell em son...

Caught you out - I do not have a mobile phone!

- G Brown, Manchester UK
but you have an internet connection dont you?
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