Archive of old topics pre-October 2007. PM a mod to get one reopened
By JuanTwoThree
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Since the Mail has a predeliction for posts from expats pontificating about life in Britain :wink: this is to see who can get the most unlikely place onto the comments, such as:

Richard for PM,

Dave Jones, Outer Mongolia

And mailmods, if you're reading this it might stop you from allowing all these comments from expats because now you won't know if it's us taking the piss or really some sun-burnt know-all (although in my case it'll be a sun-burnt know-all taking the piss)
By JuanTwoThree
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Hard to beat!

See mods! Now if you were allowed to let all kinds of dissenting opinions be posted, you wouldn't look so silly and you wouldn't constantly be wondering if the post you are moderating is from a genuine mail-reading nutter or from a pretend mail reading one containing some kind of joke that you aren't getting.

We know that you are "only obeying orders" but we've heard that before, somewhere. Do your friends know what you do for a living?
By girlsailor
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sven945 wrote:
Once again you've hit the mark perfectly. I must say, I do enjoy devouring your perfectly formed column twice a week.

- Jeremy, Mindanao Deep, Philippines
in today's RL column. Mindanao Deep is the third deepest oceanic trench in the world.
Did you really get this posted? I had a look but I can't find it. Although I did see
You sound like a nostalgic expat with a rose-tinted view of a Britain that never was. Oh, that's right, you live in Florida now so it's not surprising.

- Wilma Wheatacre, East Grinstead

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