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By Paul
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The person who likes to rant in the Mail.
I am an ex-army ageing rocker with a fervent Nationalist political stance. I am not afraid to confront so-called political correctness head on and I enjoy the cut and thrust of political argument - especially if it gives me a platform to denounce NuLabour
I enjoy the cut and thrust of political argument

some of his gems
Why shouldn't members of the BNP sign a petition against something to which they are opposed - it's called democracy?
The Muslim leaders are hoping that by introducing the BNP into the mega-mosque equation, they will be able to discredit any opposition to it.
They demand their right to practice their faith but can't answer why there are no Catholic or CofE cathedrals in Saudi Arabia?

- Lickyalips, Richmond, Surrey
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By Run
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Turns out it's a woman.

Googlable nickname. Here's one result:
Lickyalips Says:
July 15th, 2006 at 5:19 pm

Funny how the muzzie cartoon demonstrators in London were holding placards denouncing free speech whilst, at the same time, they were practicing it on our streets.
I wonder how islamic countries would react to Jews or Christians protesting against moslems on their flea-ridden streets.

Heh, the nickname also appears on an swingers site, but the locations don't match up.
By Paul
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Magna Carta 2007 - an updated version to protect us from an overweening State
By PETER OBORNE ... ge_id=1770
Both the original and the Bill of Rights served us well until Bliar The Destroyer came to the fore. We don't need a new Magna Carta, we need a civil war to expunge Parliament of the Quislings who are ready to commit High Treason by handing over the temporary powers they hold to unelected foreigners in a foreign land.

'Lest We Forget' is not engraved on war-memorials across the land for nothing and if the unelected deep-fried Mars Bar wears a poppy and attends the Remembrance Day parade at the Cenotaph this year, he will be the biggest hypocrite in the land.

- Lickyalips, Richmond, Surrey
By Winston O'Hoodie
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Yet another far-right candidate for a post civil war date with the firing squad some cold, drizzly dawn. Actually, calling for the violent overthrow of parliament is an offence punishable by life imprisonment. Luckily, 'Lickyalips' is such a loon, that no-one would take his raving seriously.
By bairy
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A 2@ who runs the country as if it was his own personal fiefdom.

Tony Blair tells us he's spreading democracy around the world. At the same time, the cunt is removing all our inherant rights and freedoms. Democracy subject to his terms and approval.
tags blair bliar pants on fire.
S/he censors "twat" but leaves "cunt" open.
Rights and freedoms. My God, s/he's right, I can't speak or move without being put in jail... oh wait.
As for the tags, is s/he 10 years old?

Anyway I like the idea of civil war. Some mail readers are so incredibly dens... er I mean easily swayed that you could just make up stuff and pit them against each other.
Win win!
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