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i would support the lib dems because it's where i think i stand on the political map. But i think they have to think through their policies a bit more. i also think they need a new leader, don't get me wrong, Ming is a great politician and any party would welcome his experience. but under his leadership the Lib Dems have just become an 'oppsoe everything' party and have been off the radar completely since Brown became PM.

their environmental policies, incluing their narrow minded opposition to nuclear power, are ludicrously optimistic. i also wish they would be a bit more libertarian - de-criminalising drugs etc.

so until the lib dems get their heads on straight i'm supporting Labour - i've been impressed by the way gordon brown has handled the various problems thrown at him since june. i would never vote for any party too far from the centre, especially the Tories - not because of Thatcherism but because the politics of conservatism are the politics of ignorance, priveledge and ultimately - religion and royalty
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