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By JuanTwoThree
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Whatever people threaten to do, when they come to vote, mercifully, very few vote for fascist or loony single-issue parties. Certainly it's true that the UK has never had much in the way of ultra right success at the polls. Some might say it's because the old broad church Tories had some unsavoury characters at the Monday Club end of the spectrum so there was no need for anything to the right of them.

So can we trust these "Next time it's the BNP for me" merchants to summon up a bit of common sense when they toddle down to the polling station? They always have in the past.
By Esqui
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The "BNP for me" merchants are few and far between, luckily. As we've seen, they've only ever managed to get a seat or two in some cities. With around 70,000 voters per constituency, the probability that even a thousand people will vote for extreme parties is low.

And of course, there are always even more extreme parties taking votes from others.
By Beast of Bolsover
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Anything is possible , but I don't see the UK ever really being inclined to do it.The circumstances would have to be very extreme . Whilst I perceive the country to be small c conservative , there is a desire for some socialist principles . It seems even in the world current climate ,the country likes a liberal democratic mixed market type system (not liberal as in Lib Dem ) and likes to think their voice is heard , even if that voice is often what they have been told by a very largely skewed press. The mood is for moderates and dare I say some form of consensus albeit one that has shifted from the 1945-1975 consensus.
There will always be an extreme right wing element I suspect , probably one that matches most of Europe and this hovers around 8 to 12 percent of the population . One reason I would dearly love a proportional system is because these people would get representation. If they and their beliefs were exposed more fully to the light of day , I am convinced that they would be intellectually savaged and discredited.It might also make the media be more critical (is that wishful thinking?).
By Winston O'Hoodie
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I've often wished the BNP could get an MP or two for a term (as well as UKIP) - just to show the general public how useless and incompetent a political force they are, and how soundbites like 'send them back', 'hang 'em high' and 'get out of Europe' are a smokescreen to hide how bereft they are of any real, workable policies.
By Eurobloke
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UKIP MEPs are so bad as politicians, when one watches The Record Europe to talk about chemical or environmental legation that is being discussed. All they do is rant on about how the EU is undemocratic and we should get out. The presenter, Shirin Wheeler is probably bored to her teeth when UKIP is on.

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