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By Raskolnikov
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I thought I'd start an Albert Hurwood thread here as I'm not sure if he or his minions go on the main site. He certainly googles for his name to find out his enemies although most are links to his DM rants.

There is an intersting character from blackburn JDawns who seems to become more and more extreme whereas AH is careful to emphasise the site does not condone violence. there are obviously peole there who want to start something. Perhaps he uses PMs to get the message out.

Still in 2 minds as to whether BNP connected or just attracts them. I noticed once on Stormfront that there was a discussion of recruiting by being non-racist to gently edge them into their movement.

Sad that his only publicity appears to be his batty comments in the DM!
There are 107 members on the site but only a few post. So no need to get the tanks yet!

Any ideas most welcme. you could always PM me.
By bairy
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I've posted rather a lot in the Albert thread, so I'll just summarise what I think here.

I think he's a conspiracy theorist. He believes the police are shit and he carefully selects his facts to back that up. If this means lying, exaggerating and spinning then good ole Albert is all for it.
Call him out and he'll just ban you.

I'm pretty sure he hasn't found his dedication thread here because (can't remember who) is still posting as franciszekweems unnoticed.

I don't necessarily think he's part of the BNP or supports them because he doesn't appear to be outright racist. Having said that he's never denied it. Having said that it doesn't make a difference to me - he's just misguided (I'm not gonna say nutjob because an independant site keeping an eye on the police is a good thing - just wish it was unbiased and better thought out)

Since he is such a fanatic, I like the fact he's putting his NVO in all his comments. I reckon more reasonable people will decide to steer clear and he'll give himself a bad name, proven by the occasional attention he gets from bloggers.

What I find most amusing though is that he only has 107 forum members, minus deletions, and yet he posts on the DM site - which is a prime hotspot for police haters. I guess even Mail readers have limits.
Even the new gaurdian attention hasn't netted him anyone extra.

I wonder how many have joined the navigor thing.

As for J. Dawns.. let him continue, the more extreme the better as it'll give the site, and if he gets banned then one of the best posters disappears. Plus it may make Albert realise what he's attracting. Win all round I'd say.
By Raskolnikov
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think Mr weems is about to get the boot...already threatened by AH.
He sent a PM to jdawns as the comment section was locked on the posts where the criticism was. Freedom of speech ha!

Yes it is a good thing that the police are called to account. I had the unfortunate experience of being on a Law course with members of the team investigating the Bham 6. They still maintained they were guilty.

I've also had occasion to be victim of some of the crap the NAVIGOR site seeks to get supporters against...(bad English...) so I know how people feel but society has to take a step back.
There should be a debate about sentencing etc but how can you debate with those that believe in REAL (I SAID REAL) zero tolerance. One member was banned for her stance on drugs (Gemma I think..maybe a fellow traveller!)

I think you are right re herring maybe.
What is to stop anyone posting on DM as Navigor? Imagine his face.
Fran wound him up over his allegiance to the DM which he says is not against Poles. Of course it isn't. It just prints every bit of shit it can find and allows the moths to come to the bulb.

God haven't we anything better to do? Beer time!
By bairy
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Raskolnikov wrote:What is to stop anyone posting on DM as Navigor? Imagine his face.
I tried that ;)
On a PSCO story I wrote saying how much I as Albert loved the PSCOs.
It was a really half arsed attempt - I knew they'd spot it must be fake. Perhaps someone with more patience and skill could have a shot - would be very funny.
By Raskolnikov
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I tried one on the poles story but to no avail and also on the immigrants story. Franny's auntie jacqui managed to get through!

Fran took the piss about the number of members who post and was shot down with this:
The reason for my postings in The Daily Mail are simple - it recruits new members for Navigor, of whom only a small percentage are represented on here.

And although it may seem that only a few people are posting that is because most of our members are very ACTIVE people who simply don't have time to sit down for hours posting on this forum.

However they are all doing their bit to increase our membership and get us noticed.

And it is succeeding - the small piece in The Guardian is just one example of this.

More and more the media is becoming aware of us through both my posts and the efforts of our members.
Still remind me of Wait til Your Father gets Home with Ralph of the neighbourhood anti-Commie vigilantes.
By Raskolnikov
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Ah well! PM from jdawns.................

You seem ADAMANT to brand me a racist don't you,franciszek?
Sorry,but I'm unwilling to rise to the bait...
Give my best wishes to your relative Jacqui and all the boys and girls at the Mailwatch forum...

UPDATE (to prevent triple post)

I think jdawns has registered as franciszekweems and is posting crap now. :roll: I suppose I should see the funny side but I'm bored now and want to take my ball home.


I now cannot log in. So history is rewritten on the Soviet Republic of albert. remember the pic of Trotsky airbrushed out? Gosh I've got more time on my hands than I kknow what to do who's the enemy within?

UPDATE 3 (11 Oct)

There were some letters from Poland having a go at the anti-Poland stories including franciszek of the NVO!
Is this a bad thing? We are responsible for fewer crimes than British born people in London.

- Franciszek Weems Nvo, Lodz, Poland
this s not the fw who is the imposter on the sitre. the real one can't get on!
Oh fuck off raskalnikov and get some work done!
By Raskolnikov
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The few posting on NAVIGOR ar getting a bit more vigi. Man the barricades the tens are coming!

Albert, you are a sad, deluded fuck. I'm probably the most frequent visitor to your site just in case someone adds a comment. It's mostly Albie of course and a few others.

Noticed that not many AH or Navigor comments getting through on the DM. Maybe someone is sending in totally outlandish comments (but in line with NAVIGOR policy).
By bairy
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Ha! I just read this in Albert's rules:
Unless otherwise stated ALL posts on this forum are deemed to be copyright unless permission is given by the person who posted them for them to be quoted elsewhere.
Merk's gonna get sued :P

I just did a google for "Albert Hurlwood" and "navigor" or "" or "national vigilante".

About 50 results. So much for "We ARE getting noticed". Forum members now at 115 which means he's gained 8 in 10 days.
So despite his guardian showcase, DM appearances and scattered site appearances, he's not gaining any real ground at all.

I kinda feel sorry for him. He really really wants to be a hero but.. he's such a dick at it. He's wasted so much of his life on this.
Ah well, entertaining for us.
By sven945
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bairy wrote:Ha! I just read this in Albert's rules:
Unless otherwise stated ALL posts on this forum are deemed to be copyright unless permission is given by the person who posted them for them to be quoted elsewhere.
Merk's gonna get sued :P
Copyright of who though? Does he claim it's copyright of him? Could he do that? My first thought was one of "well of course he couldn't do that", but then I thought of the T&Cs that you get on many tickets which say (quoted from a ticket for Have I Got News For You) that "You are agreeing to the following in relation to any recording which may be made of you: The transfer of all rights, including copyright, to Hat Trick Productions Limited". So he might be able to do that...
By bairy
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If it ever reached a court it would basically go:

"Yes, xyz site took a comment, which was/wasn't made by me, off my board, which is hosted on proboards servers, without permission. This contradicts rules which I have in place that are put under a heading: 'All members of this forum MUST abide by these rules or risk being banned.'"

So even if the judge was smoking crack and decided there was some sort of case, it apparently only applies to board members anyway.
By sven945
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bairy wrote:If it ever reached a court it would basically go:

"Yes, xyz site took a comment, which was/wasn't made by me, off my board, which is hosted on proboards servers, without permission. This contradicts rules which I have in place that are put under a heading: 'All members of this forum MUST abide by these rules or risk being banned.'"

So even if the judge was smoking crack and decided there was some sort of case, it apparently only applies to board members anyway.
Aaah yes, so if we're not members then he can't do anything. However if her were to change the heading of the rules to "All users of this forum MUST abide by these rules" then he could claim that any quoting of anything from his forum was in breach of copyright.

I know full well that it would never get to that, but the legalities of these things do fascinate me. I do often wonder why I didn't do a degree in law.
By Beast of Bolsover
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I think under UK law copying here is covered by the "fair dealing" proviso of copyright law
* Purpose: The purpose of the copying must be for research or private study of individuals, for reporting current events, or for criticism or review. The purpose may not be other purposes, such as for commercial exploitation, whether direct or indirect. If you wish to copy for teaching purposes, you should obtain legal advice (it may, for example, be allowed under the database part of the law - see above under "Fair Dealing"), or check the terms of any licences your institution may have.
By bairy
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Just for a laff I joined Navigor.

If you want to see the message as an original, ... firmed.php

Crikey this man is delusional!

You are now a FULL member of NAVIGOR - the only organisation dedicated to REAL justice ! 1

As a full member you will receive regular E-Mails from us telling of our progress and detailing ways YOU personally can help fight against the ever increasing crime rate. 2

In order to be effective we need to be STRONG with the strength of the overwhelming numbers who support us. 3

On our own we are defenceless and weak, TOGETHER WE ARE NOT - together we CAN stand against those who are destroying our country and our lives !

We can grow strong just by letting others know that we exist and that THEY ARE NOT ALONE !

By letting others know that we exist we will grow so strong that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST US, 4 and the scum who have destroyed so many lives will themselves be destroyed once and for all ! 5


It is also VERY IMPORTANT that you join our forum because more and more people are reading it and then joining us because of what they have read. 7

And the more people who join it the more people will read about us and then join us.

All you have to do is simply register and choose a screen name and password - that's all there is to it.

So please - just click this link and join right now!

Okay where to start..

It sounds like a war speech generals make before hitting the battle field.

The "Sun" effect of BOLD UPPERCASE is on overkill mode

1. Home office, police, criminal justice system, criminal prosecution system. Even if you don't agree that they're good, they're still there for that reason. Unless of course "real" has another meaning here.

2. I look forward to them.

3. 115. ooo betty!

5. I like the way he suggests you can just "wipe out" criminals, like a disease. Surely even the most punishing of countries still has some crime.

4. and 5. This wording disturbs me. What exactly is he suggesting here?

6. Thanks, I do what I can :P

7. Like.. 5 a week dude, 5!!!

8. He gets round to the welcome at the end of the mail. Don't think he's got the hang of this.

I also got this welcome email:
The fact that you have joined Navigor shows that you are
concerned about the unprecedented levels of crime in this
country 1, which the government and the police care nothing about ! 2

You have already taken the first step in helping to fight back,
but there is a lot more you can do, and it doesn't take much
time or effort.! 3

Just pass the word on about us with your friends and acquaintances
and if you know anyone who is having any kind of trouble with thugs
and yobs in your neighbourhood then also tell them about us.

And the other way is equally simple: Just join our online Forum and
take part in the online discussions.

By joining this Forum we can share experiences and give advice,
help and support.

Our Forum is an "open" forum, accessible to all, whether members or
not, so that those who visit our site can get a better idea of what
we are about.

Please read the "Forum Rules" and abide by them closely.

Please also note that this forum will be closely scrutinised so you
must NOT post anything which is illegal. 4

Also please keep everything on topic, and also use the
Spell-Checker to avoid as many mistakes in spelling as possible
since nothing looks worse than a site where spelling and
grammatical mistakes abound. 5

The only problem with the Spell-Checker is that it uses an AMERICAN
dictionary so you still have to be a bit careful !

This is the address of the Navigor Forum, just click on it and sign

I look forward to seeing you there.

Yours Sincerely,

Albert Hurwood

Navigor - fighting for Justice!
Box 1223
NO23 2DR
1. Unprecidented on what basis?

2. Of course they don't Albie.

3. Hmm, but in a posting on your forum you said "people don't have time to spend hours on the forum" (slightly paraphrased). So does it take a little time and effort, or a lot? Or do you just chop and change to say what you think you need to?
And what is this "lot more" anyway?

4. .. or anything I disagree with

5. This is a fantastic paragraph. "where spelling and grammatical mistakes abound". Brilliant!!

I'm geniunely curious about what he has planned.
In one message he declares they will grow to an unbeatable strength and issues vague threats. He goes on about how the government doesn't care, so presumably he has a plan that doesn't involve the government. Then in the second message he basically says "yeah talk about your experiences" and that seems to be as far as the action goes.
I wonder if a post praising the police and CPS would survive.

Can you imagine Albert presenting a report on his site's contents to the home office. When they'd stopped laughing...
By Raskolnikov
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good to see I'm not the only one wasting time at Navigorrrrrrrrr.
My attempt at joining again was turned down so maybe the IP was spotted. Must try from different PC. Of course the franciszekweems was eventually outed (where's Tatchell when u need him) and re-registered by Hurwood to post a comment sucking up to JDawns. How sad is that. the second attempt got a welcome but then got an email refusing enrolment or being kicked out of the scouts for smoking.

Not many posts are getting onto the Mail. I did send a mail to the mods about this cretin using them to publicise illegal activity and have also flooded them with barmy comments from NVO members (not as barmy as some of the real ones)

Have u posted yet?
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