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By Raskolnikov
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cybergal has been at it again

I was shocked that some stories in the Daily Mail are not true. If we cannot trust this paper which is used almost all the time here, who can we trust. Does this mean other stories may be wrong too.

The story was in yesterday's Daily Mail -

Helen Green

In August we reported that Helen Green, the Deputy Head Teacher of Newlands Primary School in Wakefield, had told pupils to copy out the Muslim Call to Prayer as handwriting practice.

We also invited readers to add their comments to this story, following which hostile postings were made.

We now accept that Mrs Green played no part in setting the exercise in question.

We apologise unreservedly to Mrs Green for the distress caused by this error and have agreed to pay her damages."

To which AH replies:

I don't think that one wrong story out of the thousands published every year is any cause for worry!

After all, The Mail found out it was wrong and immediately published an apology and paid damages.

And the story doesn't concern us since it wasn't connected with crime - which after all is what this site is about.

And every newspaper and TV station has made mistakes in their time - and apologised for those mistakes.

And some, like the Sun and others have been taken to court and had to pay very heavy damages to the people they have, in some cases, libeled!

Apart from that if a newspaper does get a story wrong and didn't correct it you can be quite certain that the other papers would jump all over them.

So I have no problems with using The Mail online for the stories we comment on.

Apart from that, as I have said elsewhere, its links stay active for years, meaning that we don't suffer from "link decay."

Link decay? Can u get special toothpaste for this? Anyway Cybergal seems placated for now.
By bairy
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Admirable Chrichton wrote:But I suppose there is the risk that they might obtain emails or phone numbers of their percieved "adverseries" and put them up on the site
A few months back a guy claimed he had his camcorder stolen by his ex-flatmate, and he made a youtube video about it. His proof was this "My Sony HDR-HC1 HDV camcorder (serial #1338913) was stolen on March 24, 2007 from a condo on South Padre Island, Texas. Five days after the theft, a Sony HDV camcorder was listed for sale under the screen name of my roommate"

In this video he posted her name, address, email address and phone number.
This hit digg.
Digg has it's share or morons who sent their own messages to this alleged thief. Horrible evil messages and death threats(!). This was all based on an unproven allegation.

A followup message was posted a few days later. The guy had been arrested for harassment and the charges were such that he could face 6 years in jail + a $5000 fine, because the girl he'd victimised was suffering trauma and "was too scared to go out of the house". I've seen how assumptious and nasty some of the digg crowd can be so I geniunley believe she was.

Can't find any more recent details on it.

That's american law, I dunno how it applies here but a moral is.. don't post non-public personal details of people wih the intent of getting them harassed or you could end up in deep shit. At least, in America.

Mind, Albert would probably aim to get arrested to prove his point (arrest the victim not the criminal yada yada)
By bairy
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Raskolnikov wrote:I don't think that one wrong story out of the thousands published every year is any cause for worry!
You're right Albert. But you're wrong.
No, in percentage terms it's not a big deal. But here's the thing, and it's a pretty fucking big thing.
The paper didn't do the proper research. It printed statements which it knew may not be true. It doesn't matter that it laid out an apology several months later, the fact remains that they fucked up.
Now if it can do that on a story that's really quite easy to check, why the hell should it be trusted on stories with quite detailed facts from a range of stories.

They once printed a plug for one of my bosses websites and they called it "new". It was 4 years old.
Yes, that's insignificant but it's the whole sentiment that they simply couldn't be bothered to check the details. And if they get such a trivial thing wrong, why should they be trusted on the big stories.

I don't understand why people don't get that.
It's not the number of admitted cockups per year, it's the fact they happen at all.
Perhaps every media outlet makes mistakes, yes, but that's the exact reason why you should never trust a single source for facts on any given story.

By Raskolnikov
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There was a reply to his reply but mysteriously it disappeared.
There was another apology about terrorism arrests. ... ge_id=1770

I once sued the Mail for someone quite prominent and they backed down like a little puppy (no offence to dog lovers..although you do know it is illegal..) and settled and agreed not to publish any more of the crap they were peddling.

Cybergal's reply asked him why he hadn't had any recent posts on the Mail site! And should try more popular areas like Heat and More mags.

Oh Aldert you brighten my day. I think you have the basis for your own Little Britain sketch. Why don't you post on THIS site IN BIG FUCKING LETTERS so we can learn from you.

Finally, can anyone make sense of the comment by Guardiansaint about domestic violence and MFI? ... 1187444227

Cybergal gets back by proxy (thanx bairy) He blocked the original IP address but not the user. Come on Aldert what are u waiting for?
By Beast of Bolsover
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He's calling for people to start leafleting , which he says he knows about and is an effective system (what no more getting noticed in the press Albie , aawwww) . He even gives commercial prices . How he is so familiar with this system of getting noticed I cannot possibly say.

Lloyds ward in Corby was contested by the BNP in a by-election for a council seat recently . They lost miserably. Just didn't get noticed or not enough fascists. Gotta get those leaflets out.

Meanwhile membership at paranoia towers, real or not, slowly creeps up , but there seems to be very little activity there at times.Seven posts in 24 hours ( after purging probably), 3 for Albie alone (another was Cybergal it seems ). . Either that or there is a super secret squirrel site , shhh meeting at 9 in the telephone box. I would love to answer the domestic violence MFI debate but the thing seems to have gone . Why are fascists so in love with revisionist history ? I thought the site was for truth and justice. Criminal I tells ya , we should set up some kind of vigilante group . But not really mean vigilante. It's Polish for spatula or something.

Extra stuff .......For anyone interested , here is some background on BNP front organisations , and there are quite a few it seems (many more than wiki notes),the purposes being other means of advancing their cause , cozying up to power by other means , and filthy lucre ... 62,00.html ... 77509.html ... anisations

Aside from the Christian based front , there is also a charity ( who are independent of course )for the indigenous ethnic folk of England , the Steadfast Trust.I found the idea of a fascist charity and god for the BNP mildly amusing in a surreal way. I'm sure J.Dawns of navishit will heartedly approve of these truly independent groups looking out for the indigenous peoples of Blighty . Remember , every time you see 'indigenous' in Mail comments , do a quick mental check and consider things.

Unfortunately for Navigor , sorry , the BNP, the front group is a tactic that quite a few people are watching for now , so there are strenuous denials or avoidance and a good deal more caution/paranoia.

Anyway , here's an interesting organisation ... 93,00.html

and here's an interesting aim of the Civil Liberties group that they had originally intended
C) Community Monitoring Groups

Community Monitoring Groups will be locally based units of Civil Liberty who will receive specific legal training and financial assistance from Civil Liberty in order for them to work with local people and the authorities in that area in relation to ongoing problems in that community. The Community Monitoring Groups will be issued with video cameras and mobile phones and will work with local people and victims of crime to film, gather evidence and prepare legal cases against those who are causing problems in communities and also against the police and councils who refuse to assist local people and indigenous Britons for reasons of political correctness and cowardice.
Could be something to remember.Certainly sounds familiar. I should also point out the BNP is in serious financial troubles apparently ( as well as 'internal issues') which would mean they would need to raise funds and/or outsource work somehow. Again , interesting.It seems almost all ventures have contracted the anti-midas touch , and everything is turning to shit.
By Beast of Bolsover
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double post time....

did you mean this Raskolnikov ? It appeared so I grabbed it to paste in case it vanishes again ... ge_id=1770

Here we go again; the PC Brigade have reared their ugly heads again. And is it the same PC Brigade that has helped abolish any "meaningful" forms of punishment which is DEFINITELY what this society DEFINITELY needs? So I take it then that wife-beaters should be more accepted in society however heinous their crimes are?
« Last Edit: Sept 26, 2007, 1:22pm by guardiansaint »
No I cannot make head nor tail of it . the best I can do is ...... the PC brigade have stopped women slapping men on an ad and they are against physical punishment . Society needs to be able to physically hurt people ( you can tell this as the capital letters make it clear) . This includes women hitting men on ads . This proves also that the pc brigade promote domestic violence against women , not men . They are shits ( 'wife-beaters' and the PC brigade)......

Just cannot figure it out.A Mail journalist would end with you couldn't make it up , but it seems guardiansaint did. You should also note he edited it.

Edit.... no one else posting here so I am putting up some stuff for my own reasons (forgive me but there is a good reason) and in case anyone is interested

a few pointers ... xpand=true ... xpand=true
Alberts views on immigration ... =firefox-a

Albert saying some stuff on the BNP and 'Andy' trying to bait him at the end without success ... xpand=true

Albert threatens libel....nothing happens ... feral.html

Two right wing blogs to compare the language with Albert's and his juniors guardiansaint / J.Dawns

If anyone is going to post on naviwankers , I suggest agreeing criminals are scum , noting navigor is not political (HAH , AH says crime is , wants hanging aside from the rest ) and agreeing it's disgusting trying to be linked to the BNP what with their criminal history and racism (bet you get banned and wiped) .It should definately be on their leaflets to show they are not political or discriminatory. A BNP policy is for males after national service to be issued with a civilian rifle . Gun crime?

I still am sure AH knows of here . Baht gave the game away in his blog.

Albert , I'm putting feelers out. Love ya , wouldn't want to be ya.
By bairy
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I didn't bother posting on his board. Can't really be arsed to be honest.

Hopefully he'll keep sending those funny emails out though so I'll keep posting them. runs out in 26 days I believe and will then be available to buy. is available now in 26 days

Just sayin ;)

Edit: Oh noes! Albie's banned ninja proxy. If only there where 14,000 other proxies out there :D
So far as I know, Proboards doesn't offer post moderation, meaning he can't stop you posting, only delete it afterwards. That means with good timing you can get it read by all 3 of his members.

Dear me. His ip ban list is gonna be bigger than his ban list before long.
By bairy
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In reference to
Foundyouout wrote:Recognise yours: ... 1194190512 ? Ho hum. Just how thick is Aldert? Answers on a swastika.
In the public forum... I don't want Albie seeing my reply.

Interesting, is he suggesting my personal home ip is associated with spamming? That's a dangerous accusation Albie.
I do hope he spreads it to anti-spam boards. If I see it on a list I can contact them and have his entire batch of info marked as unreliable, and him marked as the twat he is.

This post is a good thing. No, it's a bloody fantastic thing.
Firstly, it tells me that there are about 30 ips banned (I didn't count). Now I know that at least me and Raskolnikov have used multiple ips, so it's maybe 20 actual people. Add that to the number of members and it gives you an idea of membership.
Anyone spamming this board or registering on here for any purpose other than to support us will be banned and have their IP addresses placed on here.
That is a 100% first class sign of sheer and total arrogance. And I hope every member of navigor and every person who visits makes sure to read it and realises that Albert isn't interested in truth, justice or reality. He's just interested in unchallenged ranting.

Keep maintaining that list Albie, it aids keeping track of you.
By Raskolnikov
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Yeh I noticed I couldn't get through by proxy. He seems to be wanting a members only thing. I think most are him anyway or casual visitors. The same names keep cropping up. Interstingly I came across a Derby Gripe site (again proboards) and it talks about all things Derby but has sections for asylum and lawandorder which would not be out of place on navigr. I saw one contributor who had a byline of a link to I registerd and hit back at the said guy. Anyway he had the balls to respond and say he did not agree with banning etc. I read some of his earlier posts and it may be I git him wrong as he does not seem to bleat on about navigor as Aldert would. e just happens to share their aims etc.

I wanted to flush out as to his involvement but it appears he may not be a lieutenant etc.

I wanted to get a post on Navigor about freedom of speech in view of the Tory candidate/Enoch issue. Then hit him with another invective.

If he's only having members it destroys his little game or slows down recruitment unless the real purpose has been PM'd to members) I wanted to PM my last post but could not be arsed. I've been busy with work all weekend (and watching the Calzaghe fight!)

I will send details to the Guardian incase they want to laugh again.

He may be trying to flush out who the 10 members I claim to be. Therefore anyone new signing in will be checked against the list. Not sure how much he knows about IT. He may have brethren that can help. At first he was blocking the IP but you could still get in via username/password until he banned that user. Wondered why he didn't do both at same time. This happened twice.

Did u get a copy of the IP addresses he mentions. I can PM my real one if you have. ... 898&page=1

I'm registered as Alderthurwood (oh how Ned Sherrin). If anyone wants to post as Aldert they can ask me for password. It is guessable!
By bairy
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I visited that thread on Derby Gripe,
I believe Watcher also has the Navigor link as his signature but from what I can gather he's getting more than a little pissed off with the way their forum is heading.

Not only do you now have to be registered to even view the forum but they are actually listing the IP addresses of everyone they don't agree with.

I think they're starting to tread on dangerous ground!
Doesn't Albert know you're supposed to piss people off AFTER you've built up a proper fanbase. Duh :P

Forced registration to even view the forum? Now he really is well and truly fucked. Only the most dedicated people are going to register, then await approval just so they can read.

Well done Raskolnikov, looks like you're really getting on his nerves. Don't forget, there are thousand and thousands of proxies, it'll take him a long time to ban them all.
By Raskolnikov
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one of mine wondered if he would pick up on the white supremacy connotation. the first pposts were lightweight even one about the pensioner stabbing someone from the DM. He took issue with the Times story on race and then locked the thread. He then deleted a post which took the piss out of a suggestion that they have superhero costumes designed. One other said Satans Something. He deleted that post and banned the IP address but I was able by proxy to post the big one posted elsewhere on main thread. He then banned the username but interstingly tonight the username is alive again but with a different password so the saddo has done it again. There'll no doubt be another retraction a la franweems.
If you've still got access to site by signing in without posting it would be good if we could get screengrabs/copies of what he is posting and IP addies. If mine is there and it leads to email being treated as spam I will sue him. I will tell Hugh Muir at the Guardian this in case he wants to frighten Aldie.
I've actually run out of users as I only registerd a few. I intended to do a few more but.....tempus fugit.
By bairy
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Raskolnikov wrote:one of mine
I thought it was, but the post count didn't reset so I wasn't too sure.

I doubt he'll do anything with the IP addies, I think he's just trying to say "I'm on to you, stop bugging me, it's annoying" however yes I agree, if your ip makes it to some sort of spam list then complain to the list holders. I think that'd be most effective because they'll then deem all his info unrealiable. Actually they should anyway, proxy servers aren't generally used to send spam so if he does spread the addresses he'll only be making himself look stupid.

I think he doesn't realise proxies are being used, he just thinks there are visitors with a lot of ips to hand.

One other suggestion is just keep hammering on the registrations for as long as your patience holds. There are two tactics for this:
1. Slow and sure. 1 or 2 a day and they'll likely get approved
2. Hammer like crazy. 10, 20, 30, 40 a day all by different emails and ips, he may decide to reject them all, or he may decide to email them all, or he may approve them all. In all cases it's chipping away at his sanity because he won't be able to keep on top of them. Of course this method takes a lot more effort.

The overall idea being that he'll get so paranoid that he may demand you fill in a questionaire or something before you're allowed to post which will just stop membership. I doubt proboards has advanced features like post screening.
Another effect is he may ban wide ip ranges and possibly deny people who are geniunly interested.
Mostly, it's just (childish) funny though.

You (and anyone) can login in as
user: billt
password: cheese
though I'd ask that no one hangs around too long or posts or PMs anything*, just make it look like you're passing through, reading some threads then make sure to log back out, and don't do it too often. I don't think he'll get suspicious of that.

Keep in mind if you use a proxy that not all of them support the necessary stuff to login

* there are a couple of PMs in the inbox, they're just what's posted earlier in this thread.

Oh yes to save people logging in, this is the current ban list:
By Beast of Bolsover
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I've got a few sleepers left and I have put the word out elsewhere. Doubt my method will last long , but others are more devious . I love the idea he does not know where his elbow begins and his arse ends .

And remember , he knows of this site , I am absolutely certain . Just some of the previous posts by others may have been used to our advantage all the same .

Alberts ipod tracklist
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
Thompson Twins - We are Dectectives
Rockwell - (I Always feel like ) Someone is Watching Me
Sex Pistols - No one is Innocent
Beatles - nowhere man
Leslie Gore - Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows
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