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By Daul Pacre
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Paranoid is a good song. I'm not letting Adolf there besmirch it.

Anyway, he probably spends his free time watching Leni Riefenstahl films and listening to Wagner, while punching a pillow with a baseball cap on it.

I also reckon that, being Hitler-Lite, he likes people pissing on him. (For legal purposes I must state that this is a complete fabrication.)
By Raskolnikov
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I think he has blocked most new applications. He is posting as todd which is mine. he just deltes the member then reinvents them Is ther any way to complain to the proboards people. I really can't be arsed trying top nail him short of using some of my secret ways.....
Any ideas and ppl can PM me. I think AH or cohort is here anyway! TWATS!

By Raskolnikov
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Which is fair enough really. I think he's just taking every member as his own and making an arse of himself. I don't need to put stuff on his site as only a few view it anyhoo. The fact that you have to register now is good enough. I woukd urge ppl to get memberships if they can if only to be able to log in.

The irony is of course that he is likely to visit here and be registerd as a member (what's it like to raste the pure sweat of freedom Aldert?)

I've mentioned his latest fascist behaviour on the Derby site. I'm convinced there are only about 4 actual active members. I'm just adding to his imaginary friends! Maybe he just gets off on being leader of the gang (insert (ahem) own GGlitter joke here......he was star billing at my graduation ball)

Any ideas for anything pls PM. That includes u Aldie me ol' creamy whirl.

By Raskolnikov
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Yeh double post but.........Navigor site now allowing the great unwashed to visit.

This from former supporters in Derby:
I've never posted on the Navigor forum. I always had a nagging feeling that anything I said would be edited, deleted or I would be banned.

All talk and no action seems to be the norm. Several people have made legitimate suggestions and proposals only to be told it's "not the Navigor way" or to have their contributions deleted.

It would appear that as soon as something is posted that the administrator doesn't agree with, he locks the thread so that no further discussions can be made.

It is certainly a one man show and I'm getting a bit tired of being dictated to by someone who seems to be only interested in his own opinions.

As I said previously, I agree with the principles of the site but I really don't see much future for it if it continues in its present fashion. So I agree, an alternative site is needed.
Just checked the Navigor forum and it seems there's been a slight change of heart. Non-members can view it again. No mention of why or what's going on of course. But just look at the number of locked threads! He certainly don't like criticism.
By Raskolnikov
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I don't get emails cos he keeps stealing my flippin' names. He's now posting as Todd and Jepper. I tried to access the site upom acceptance but password would not work. I realised when I tried to get a new confirmation sent to the email address that he was re-registering almost immediately. Should stem the flow of membership if nothing else as he cannot trust anyone. Just means extra email addies and IP addresses. I'll give it a rest for now but soon.................


I like the fact that one of the fake posts say they found it by google. I think you'll find Aldert that you're more likely to find poons site or likewise.
By bairy
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It's back to register-to-view.

If anyone's bored, why not try and guess Albie's password. I tried navigor and justice.

Obviously if you get in you shouldn't mass delete everything you can. That would be wrong ;)

If you do get in I wouldn't bother trying to change the password, as amusing as that might be. It may email him and tip him off. Plus proboards might restore his access.
By Raskolnikov
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strangely the access is back on. I think he turns it off when he goes to bed/goes to light the crosses in his white mask, in case any nasty foreigners sign up in the night. My last 3 have been snaffled. Hugh Muir has an interesting bit about ID theft in his grauniad diary today.

Also a former supporter on the Derby site posted an interesting link about IP addresses and Data Protection.
An IP address in isolation is not personal data under the Data Protection Act, according to the Information Commissioner. But an IP address can become personal data when combined with other information or when used to build a profile of an individual, even if that individual's name is unknown.


" ... if you wish to use IP addresses to identify or build a profile on each of your visitors as an individual, even if they are never identified by name, you should assume that the Data Protection Act applies ...... a court will be influenced by the Information Commissioner's guidance on this point .... therefore you should make visitors aware of your intentions to use IP addresses and, where possible, gain consent before processing an IP address for these purposes, for example, via a data protection notice." ... 898&page=2

My feeling is that either:
1. He is frightened of letting any other members in , in case they are not toeing the line, or
2. He is tracking by IP AND location so if there are locations in the States (i'd assume the ones I use are this) he just changes them

When I have time I'll break through. Plenty of time.
And if you are reading this Aldie, thank you for making us laugh.

Not sure if anyone saw the posts by a few with itchy feet on something positive.
Re: something positive
« Reply #6 on Nov 5, 2007, 12:58pm »

And I suppose we should set up our own police force; a NAVIGOR police force, one WITHOUT the corruption, the incompetence and one that can ENFORCE the law!
Or just kick some donkey - that's what I want to see;
I want to see the scum experience some consequence for their behaviour.

I, too, like the idea of a passworded, non-public section where 'vetted' members can meet and discuss real solutions.
andy westcott
It is worth having somewhere non-public, where the members can discuss ideas constructively without some nutter coming on and anonymously slating us.

Interesting! Wonder where they got the idea of a private bit :wink:

As regards his password I think it may involve judge dredd

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