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Should Baht tat have been banned?

By bairy
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He's took that post down now (or possibly made it private).
By Foundyouout
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Baht is something of an acquired taste. He did a sterling job of tackling some of the objectionable racist arses on the T&A site. Think people may have been taking him too seriously - I speak as a Poly educated fool.

He likes to wind up and you've been wound up. There are far, far more objectionable people out there, many of them making good use of Newsquest's failure to moderate its sites or Associated's failure to introduce morality to its moderating. Or editorial.

Oh and he also did good work in troubling the nazi vigilantes.
By cycloon
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He was a troll, but not a really bad one I reckon.
By Winston O'Hoodie
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Sorry but the guy was an obnoxious git. I don't mind a bit of pot-stirring debate, but mindless insults and ignorant generalisations based on country of birth or what school/university someone attended isn't debate. I won't miss him.
By Mr Mordon
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thanks for all the comments

the eyes to the right say he was a bit of a prick, but a harmless one :)

Now how do i stop this thing, little help :?:
By Esqui
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Glad to be of assistance
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