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By DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells
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Killer Whale wrote:It has to be something stupidly right wing or the Mail will not be interested. Something authoritarian masquerading as a libertarian organisation: How about an organisation promoting 'Family Freedoms' such as the right to beat your kids, defend your home with landmines, and rape your wife?
That's the general idea, make it something psuedo right wing, become the new migrationwatch.
Chris wrote:Oh, go on, make it the PC Brigade.


and we can go "No, we didn't. We're suing."

Perfect plan
But then I hadn't thought of it like that, if there is an actual PC Brigade, they can't keep lying about it.
By JohnD
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This is a superb idea, but we need to be careful. As has been established, if we choose an astroturf group that campaigns for things The Mail don't like we won't be quoted. On the other hand, in choosing to campaign for something the bellends at The Mail do like, we will be quoted but we'll be a mouthpiece for something we might not like. It seems to me that at best this venture can only really be an experiment to see if our group will be quoted. Freedom For Families would be a great name.

To be represented on Question Time (a dream that probably won't be realised), our astroturf group will need two things: (i) to be producing ridiculous press releases for an absolute age before we get noticed (ii) to have something massive and controversial for us to comment on. After all, the minscule Christian Voice (Stewart Lee said that this organisation is basically Stephen Green in his shed) only started making a name for itself once Jerry Springer The Opera had been broadcast by the 'British Blasphemy Corporation'. Lots of moaning Christians actually staged a demonstration outside a BBC building and got in the papers, so perhaps a crowd of us berks waving placards will be of use. The Mail would love it!
By DisgustedOfTunbridgeWells
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I think Merk has said he's been asked to go on newsnight a few times, qt is unlikely but some sort of recognition would be an achievement.

I think most of the jerry springer protests were down to premier christian radio more than anything, he was just there to talk a lot of shit, we would need to capture a zeitgeist though, maybe on the back of some pro homosexuality business ?

Figuring out what these groups actually are is still an issue, are they non profit companies, are they just registered as pressure groups somewhere ?

I do like Family Freedoms or a similar variation though, it's got something base about it (as opposed to 'the coalition/alliance for') that's a winner imo.
By Daul Pacre
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What, precisely, will this achieve? If the Mail pick up our "press releases" on immigrants and such, which I presume will be fictional and scaremongering, what will we have done? Nothing bar giving their readers more shite to reinforce their worldview. We wouldn't be mocking the Mail any more, we'd be AIDING the Mail.

And if we have a leftie astroturf group, well, since they're not likely to get many column inches, what would be the point of that?

Let's not even get into the fact that despite the name, this forum is hardly private. I'd be surprised if the Mail didn't have one or two of its staff registered here, and therefore able to see this...
By bairy
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Daul Pacre wrote:What, precisely, will this achieve? ... We wouldn't be mocking the Mail any more, we'd be AIDING the Mail.
In my view, the mail's gonna get the quote they want from somewhere. Either the tories, one of the "groups" or just "a source", i.e. whoever is writing the article. I don't think we'll be aiding them in any real sense.

I quite like the idea of building a make believe group, getting lots of quotes in, getting googleable and well known, and then one day changing the site to "everything we said in bollocks. We set up a pretend group, said stuff the mail wanted to hear, they took it without question and you lot lapped it up. Now apply that to all the other so-called 'groups' out there you gullible bastards. Daily Mail is professional journalism? My arse." along with perhaps an except from flat earth news explaining how it all works and a link to a ton of blogs and sites that expose the mail for the shitheap it is. It'd get in the Guardian if nothing else

As for the private forum thing, I honestly don't think they'd care. So long as this group looked legit and provided quotes they wanted, they'd be happy this forum was private so this thread wouldn't show up on google.
By girlsailor
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If some staff at the Mail are on here, I've got a secret hope they might want to subvert the Mail's policy - some of the staff are just talented journalists who just do it for a living. If they've cared enough to sign up for Mailwatch, who knows? I think they'd probably take quotes anyway.
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