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By cycloon
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I really really really want to do something like this. I just saw a Melanie Phillips article about 'terror in academia', where a student wrote to her and said a Welsh uni were 'suppressing' discordant views on the war on terror on pains of being marked down. I've heard the things weren't even marked, but that's anecdotal. Of course, she writes a nothing piece, made up, essentially, of the students letters and the correspondence, and then suddenly it's VERBATIM.

I really want to be part of a thing that hooks this mindset, then reveals itself to be an utter fabrication and hopefully, reveals how piss easy it is to make something out of nothing.
By queenofherts
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I liked this description of the 'christian voice' group in today's Guardian...

Stephen Green
An ex-builder, Green fronts Christian Voice, the organisation that published the home phone numbers of BBC execs over the Jerry Springer: The Opera furore. Anti-divorce, anti-homosexuality and anti-abortion, Green wishes to return to the 1950s.
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