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By Esqui
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The Mail must love this: ... _a_source=
(it's worth it for the caption alone...."Cherie Blair....fails to assault him"

And the comments are coming thick and fast...but mostly thick
Another example of the tax payer paying for political correctness gone mad...

- Kj, Hampshire
PCism run amok again, I see.

- Dl, Florida, USA
PCism? Political correctnessism?
Child Protection in a Sport Unit?

What is that? never heard of it, how much does it cost us? Len Weekes, London, UK
^Typical Mail reader reactions to anything
It shows that no one is safe from the clutches of the Child Protection secret police.

- Mabon Dane, Haverhill, UK
By IanC
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Chris wrote:
Another example of the tax payer paying for political correctness gone mad...

- Kj, Hampshire
PCism run amok again, I see.

- Dl, Florida, USA
PCism? Political correctnessism?
The what?

This makes sense actually, it looked like Cherie assaulted him, someone from the public complained, the police investigated, found nothing wrong and let her off. Nothing PC there.

Of course, you know the mail wanted her to get in trouble.....
By larrylargesse
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oh dear shes written a book..and mailers arent best pleased

Watch out, Gordon! Cherie signs £1m deal to write her warts-and-all autobiography ... rtComments

I won't buy it. Not interested in lining her pockets.

- Lee, Beverley, UK

This is obviously revenge towards Gordon Brown. Unnecessary, it's not as though she needs the money, but of course this book will sell - sour grapes, I'm afraid.

- Jan Moore, Woodford Green

I hope this book is a flop because nobody buys it. She is a nasty greedy woman who should hang her head in shame at what her husband's done to Britain.

- Pat Sweeney, Lanark
By Raskolnikov
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I think the DM are on thin ice here. I know there are members of this forum who know a lot about media law so they may wish to coment. My knowledge of defamation is a bit patchy these days.

However, it flies in the face of the mod. policy of not allowing defamatory comments. If she is found guilty then I would expect open season but this is just nasty.

btw I've been to one of the chain so maybe they'll arrest me too.

Although no charges have been brought which would usually curtail comment, some of the posts are out of order (much of the comments viz. Kate McCann are similarly so)

This should not surprise anyone. Immigration fraud is a widespread business and generates millions of pounds for those involved. Normally it isn't reported outside of the local press. News services covering areas such as Southall are full of similar tales. The difference here is the connection to the Blairs, but that shouldn't surprise us. Tony Blair had no qualms accepting Lakshmi Mittal's millions, money won from modern-day slavery.
- Simon Holly, London UK
She will probably get Mrs Scrounger to plead it was her 'ewman rights.

- Peter, London
Not sure what Peter means here but it doesn't seem pleasant or rational.
If she even knows the witch of No.10, then she is guilty. No other proof is needed.
The whole Bliar dynasty has proved itself to be completely dishonest.

- Jim, London, England
Barking is in London?

There is one bright spot - the comment of Fred. Well done Fred!
believe it to be a little low to implicate Cherie Blair just because she was a guest at one time. To use such logic we would accuse Lady Thatcher as a result of her close friendship with Pinochet who is reported to have ordered the deaths of his political opponents!

- Fred Steele, Hinckley Leicestershire
But of course friend Albert wades in with this class defamation
More and more NuLab seem to attract crooks, liars and conmen - and that's the MPs, let alone their associates!

- Albert Hurwood, Corby, Northants, UK
No wonder we get depressed :evil:
By Samanfur
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The comments seem to've been rigorously cleaned up. I'd still say that Jan from Woodford Green is on thin ice, though.

The use of "I" leaves the other two remaining comments with a "fair comment" defence as opinion, whereas anyone using the word "obviously" is implying a truth, and could be called to justify it as a result.
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