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My first experience of a microwave was at a farmer friend's house, many years ago. When a wasp flew into the microwave, my friend shut the door, turned it on. Pop! no wasp, just a mess. Proof! positive it kills pests! Apologies to all wasp lovers.

- Drew, Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway.
So Drew has a Stalker. So who is it?

To Drew of Castle Douglas. Through your posts, we have learned you have a wife, children and grandchildren. We have now learned you are a sadist. What an example to set. It is neither funny nor clever to microwave a living creature. A quick swat is all a wasp needs.

- Carol Heale, Worcestershire
By Paul
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We now know what he used to do,
Given the earlier article on "credit card fraud" when will companies and governments wake up to the fact that there is no such thing as a totally secure computer system? I was attached to the bank's Computer Liason Division whilst they were putting all the branches on-line - the first major Bank to do so. We liased with IBM and I well remember them saying no system is totally secure. They even went to the extreme of employing convicted "hackers" whose sole task was to try to infiltrate the system - they usually accomplished it with remarkable ease, but at least that was another hole blocked, for a while.

- Drew, Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway.
A dickhead methinks!
By horacegoesskiing
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Gatwick may be sold off in monopoly row
No doubt it will be bought by some foreign Company.

- Drew, Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway.
Errrr, Gatwick is already owned by some foreign company. What difference will it make if it's bought by another foreign company? Stupid comment. I do think Drew is a wind-up.
By tuber
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Self-harm surge puts 100 children a week in casualty
Self-harm is a dreadful affliction.
During one of my many stays in Hospital, I met and made friends with a young lady who was very pretty, very talented (music and art), very eloquent and well read. She had attempted suicide, several times and was prone to carving names and drawings into her arms. Despite both my wife and I talking at length to her, we were never able to understand the young lady's plight. The only thing different about her - she was a "Goth". Therein lies part of the problem, methinks.

- Drew., Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway.
bloody goths.
By Daul Pacre
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He's only whinging because she wouldn't get her tits out for him.

He's unable to understand why she was unhappy? Well, Drew, clinical depression tends to be like that, you thick cunt. I bet he drew her a smiley face on a bit of paper, told her to cheer up and was utterly mystified when she looked at him like he'd just told her to get her tits out for him.

(Which, of course, he did 20 seconds later.)
By Antigherkin
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Interesting insight into Drew's home life here. Turns out he's a new man. Who would've thunk it?
The old-fashioned family still has it's merits - dad works - mum slaves at home cooking, whilst ironing, hoovering and shouting at the kids (all at the same time - now that's multi-tasking) - dad comes home, supper on table, has conversation with kids and wife (sometimes), sees kids into bed and reads them a nice bedtime story, whilst - mum, washes the dishes does her husband's washing and tidys-up the kids toys. When dad comes down from reading the aforesaid stories, his amorous advances, are rejected - dad goes to the local hostelry for a small libation - whilst mum plans the next days activities, whilst at the same time planning murder of the aforesaid hubby.
Yep! Can see why so many women want to return to old-fashioned family.
PS. I at least did the dishes.

- Drew., Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway.
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